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2016 USM Students of the Year Announced

usm_graduation_4As they do each year, Drs. H. Ronald and Mary R. Hulnick, on behalf of all the University of Santa Monica faculty, awarded two Master’s graduating students with Student of the Year Awards. These individuals are recognized for academic excellence, integrating the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology, and for their positive contribution to their fellow students, demonstrating joyful discipline and courageous willingness to live a Soul-Centered life.

University of Santa Monica 2016 Spiritual Psychology Student of the Year—Taimie Bryant

Mary R. Hulnick announced the first award by reading the plaque:

With Joy and Loving Kindness, you wholeheartedly demonstrate Mastery. Your integration of the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology and your application of them in your everyday life are truly inspirational. It is with Heartfelt Loving and Deep Respect that we acknowledge and celebrate you as a trailblazer in Soul-Centered Legal Education.

Beaming with joy, Taimie Bryant accepted this honor.

taimie_bryant-1“I am so deeply honored,” Taimie stated. “As I stand here in the company of 296 graduate students, I’m so grateful to my family, my USM family, my USM friends, classmates, and my friends who have not yet come to USM. I am grateful to those of you who have come here in loving support of friends and family who are graduating with me … 

“I teach here at UCLA in the law school,” she continued. “I walk by this beautiful building at least twice a day. Now I realize that the University of Santa Monica has been infusing this place with Love! As I walk by this building in the future, I will use the opportunity to check in:  Am I staying in the Loving with Grace and Ease? Many, many thanks!”

University of Santa Monica 2016 Spiritual Psychology Student of the Year—Walter Werzowa

Following the resounding applause from her classmates and the entire auditorium, the second Student of the Year award was announced:

As you Trust in the Inspiration of Spirit, attuning to the song of your Heart, you sound the High Note through your Healing music. Your Creativity, Enthusiasm, Intuition, and Dedication are expressed through manifesting your intention of uplifting all of humanity. You demonstrate Mastery on both the Goal and Soul Lines of Life. It is with great Joy that we acknowledge and honor you.

walter_werzowa-3Walter accepted his award, saying, “There are so many things we can’t say in words, that we say through music. Thank you for the inspiration. Let’s make music together for eternity!”

Congratulations to Taimie, Walter, and the entire graduating class of 2016! Onwards, upwards, and inwards!

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