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Loyalty To Your Soul

Educating for Life Mastery

This two-year Program explores the frontier where psychology interfaces with spirituality. It is the foundational curriculum for all of USM’s Graduate Programs. Classes emphasize relevant, usable information, skills, and experiences designed to support students into a greater demonstration of mastery in their lives.

Since USM is dedicated to mastery education, excellence is evaluated in terms of actually demonstrating the skills and competencies of Spiritual Psychology, as experienced through Soul-Centered education. An unconditionally loving attitude is recognized as the ultimate competency. With this goal in mind, all faculty face the same challenge: Can relevant information be presented appropriately so as to stimulate the mental capacities to think about it, the emotional abilities to feel it, and the spiritual awareness to discern the value of it?

As this challenge is met, students are empowered to implement this information as an interactive process of taking positive steps and creating enhanced success and fulfillment in all aspects of their lives.

Benefits of USM’s M.A. Program in Spiritual Psychology

First Year

As a graduate student in the First Year, your learning focuses in five primary areas:

Second Year

As a graduate student in the Second Year, your learning builds upon the foundation established in the First Year and focuses in the following primary areas: