Auditing CHH

Step 1: Register to Audit CHH by clicking below. CHH Graduates are eligible for the monthly Audit Tuition rate of $1,060 for the 10-Month Certificate Program. There is no Application Fee for Audits.

Audit Tuition Deposit

Step 2: Complete the following CHH Audit Letter of Intention and e-mail it to

Download the CHH Audit Letter of Intention (Word)


CHH Audit Letter of Intention

1. What is it that attracts you to audit the Certificate Program in Spiritual Psychology With an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing at this time?

2. What did you receive through your previous participation in the CHH Program?

3. To the degree that your experience is meaningful, fulfilling, and transformational, what benefits and outcomes is it your intention to receive both personally and professionally through your participation in the CHH Program?

4. Briefly describe any relevant aspects of your health history that may contribute to your interest in this Program. If applicable, describe any health challenges you are currently experiencing.

5. The Consciousness, Health, and Healing Program is well known for transforming consciousness and transforming lives. During the course of participating in the Program, life sometimes presents events or experiences that may challenge a student’s commitment to completing the Program.

a) Is there anything of which you are currently aware that might prevent you from completing the Program?

b) On a scale of 1–10, what is your intention for completing the Program?

6. The following are the requirements for auditing students. Are you in alignment with fully participating in cooperation with these?

a) Attending all class weekends in full
b) Participating in and completing a Radiant Health & Wellbeing Project
c) Participating in and attending all Sacred Healing Circles
d) Participating in a Service Project


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