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Celebrating 37 Years of Loving Partnership


On Thursday, January 14, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick celebrated 37 years of marriage and co-creative partnership. To commemorate this milestone, a Heartfelt Blessing was offered by the Second Year Class, which was in session on the evening of January 15.

This Blessing was led by current Second Year student Shannon Lloyd and involved the entire classroom of 163 USM Second Year students, each offering a single white iris to Ron and Mary. As each student held up an iris, a beautiful sea of white irises was revealed for Ron and Mary to take in, rendering Mary utterly speechless. The sea of white irises represented a vivid dream that came to Mary one night: “There is an iris for every act of Compassionate Self‑Forgiveness.”


As you read this special Blessing for Ron and Mary’s anniversary, we invite you to step into the Loving energy that flows through the USM community and join us in sending Blessings of Love, Joy, and Abundance to them for this anniversary and many more years to come!

Shannon_Classroom_Irises-2Ron and Mary, as the Class of 2016, we present a Gift of White Irises to honor the anniversary of your Love! There truly is an iris for every act of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness; and there is an iris in each of our hearts for our beloved Teachers. Back in the 12th century, St. Bernard wrote:

‘Who loves, loves love, and loving love forms a circle so complete, there is no end to love.’

We offer Blessings to the continued flowering of this Love, and to the inspiration of Love you have planted in each of our hearts.


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