2017 Programs and Workshops

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Soul-Centered Living I:
Foundations in Spiritual Psychology

USM Grads are Welcome to audit any class weekend from January through June | January–June
Registration for the 2016–17 class is now closed. For the 2017–18 class, call Ashley at (310) 829-7402 x138.


Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program
Facilitating Authentic Success on Both the Goal Line and the Soul Line of Life—A 7-Month Certificate Program
January–July | Prerequisite: 2-Year Program
Registration is now closed.


USM Couples Workshop—The Heart & Art of Relationship
February 10–12 | USM Grads, current students, and newcomers are welcome
Registration is now closed.


—Special Event—
Book Launch & Signing

Remembering the Light Within by Drs. Mary & Ron Hulnick | Open to all USMers, their family members, and friends.
Watch Replay Here


Advanced Spiritual Psychology
Transcending the Deeper Levels—A Brand-New 3-Part Series
March 10–12; April 7–9; May 12–14
Prerequisite: Completion of the 2-Year Program;
Also for Grads of the CHH Program.

Registration is now closed.


Soul-Centered Living I
Summer Lab

July 14–19 | Audit opportunities available. Prerequisite: SCL I or 2-Year Program
Register Here


Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program
Summer Lab
with Robert Holden and Ron & Mary Hulnick
July 28–Aug 2 | Audit opportunities available.
Prerequisite: SCPC Program |
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Loyalty to Your Soul® Workshop
The Heart of Spiritual Psychology
August 18–20 | USM Grads, current students, and newcomers are welcome | Register Here
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Ron_Mary_Pink_247x152“It is our intention to provide you inspiration, encouragement, practical tools, and opportunities for learning how to live into the Spiritual Context—the Awareness that you are a Soul and that your life serves Spiritual purpose.”

—Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick


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