Audit Soul-Centered Living


June 1–3 Soul-Centered Living I Weekend

Audit the June Soul-Centered Living weekend with Ron and Mary as the lead facilitators for the last time, and brush up on your Spiritual Psychology Skills. We all know these are Soul-Centered Basic Skills are anything but “basic!”

June Soul-Centered Basic Skills

30. Tracking Projections II—Positive Projections

31. Identifying, Clarifying, and Honoring Your Heartfelt Dreams

32. Asking for What You Want



Six-Day Summer Lab: July 20–25, 2018

This lab is designed to assist students in synthesizing, further integrating, and effectively utilizing the Soul-Centered Basic Skills, Transformational Facilitation Approaches, healing attitudes, and Universal Spiritual Values associated with the subject matter of Spiritual Psychology. It provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate a higher level of integration and mastery in applying the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology with themselves and others. It is also an opportunity for students to experience deeper Awareness of their Essential Spiritual Nature as Loving, Peaceful, Joyful, Free, Enthusiastic, Creative, Wise, and more.




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