Audit Soul-Centered Living

Audit Your Favorite Soul-Centered Living weekend this year—lead‑facilitated by Ron and Mary for the last time—and brush up on your Spiritual Psychology Skills!

We all know these are Soul-Centered Basic Skills are anything but “basic!” Click here to register for any weekend.

January 5–7

Soul-Centered Basic Skills

17. Giving Effective Feedback

18. Receiving Feedback Effectively

19. Stepping Free—Living Beyond Your Comfort Zone

20. Neutral Observation I

Spiritual Psychology and Facilitation Approaches

1. Spiritual Psychology and an Environmental/Behavioral Facilitation Approach

2. Spiritual Psychology and a Person-Centered Facilitation Approach

February 2–4

Soul-Centered Basic Skills

21. Facilitating Responsibility III—Self-Honoring Choices

22. Identifying, Owning, and Accepting Projections

Spiritual Psychology and Facilitation Approaches

3. Spiritual Psychology and a Gestalt Facilitation Approach

4. Spiritual Psychology and a Rational-Emotive Facilitation Approach

March 2–4

Soul-Centered Basic Skills

23. Facilitating Positive Self-Talk

Spiritual Psychology and Facilitation Approaches

5. Spiritual Psychology and an NLP Facilitation Approach:  Reframing

6. Spiritual Psychology and a Psychosynthesis Approach to Facilitation

April 6–8

Soul-Centered Basic Skills

24. Accessing Intuition

25. Facilitating Compassionate Self-Forgiveness

May 4–6

Soul-Centered Basic Skills

26. Facilitating Lesson Awareness

27. Tracking Projections I—Limiting Projections

28. Cleansing the Lens of Perception

29. Facilitating Referencing Back to Life—Creating Effective Action Plans

June 1–3

Soul-Centered Basic Skills

30. Tracking Projections II—Positive Projections

31. Identifying, Clarifying, and Honoring Your Heartfelt Dreams

32. Asking for What You Want



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