An Evening of Remembering

An Evening of Remembering

Tuesday, June 27, 7:15 – 9:30 p.m.
USM Campus & Live Online | 7:15 – 9:15 p.m.

You’re invited to join us for an Evening of Remembering! 

Join us for a wonderful gathering of the USM community and friends where Ron & Mary will share about their new book, Remembering the Light Within, how it came to be, and some practices from the book that will encourage you in living into the fullness of the Loving that is inside of you!

If you’ve not yet read the book, you will learn about some of the Principles and Practices contained within it. And if you’ve been reading the new book, we look forward to hearing about your experiences as you read the book and apply the Principles and Practices in your everyday life.

P.S. Order your copy of Remembering the Light Within for yourself or for a friend today!

Foreword by Robert Holden, excerpted:

“I am so happy that Remembering exists. And I am happy for you that you now hold it in your hands. I encourage you to read it slowly. Savor and absorb the wisdom, and above all, do the Practices designed to help you experience a holy shift from believing you are an ego in a body to realizing you are a Soul in the Universe. Imagine that! Imagine being grounded fully in your unconditional Self, sharing your Soul gifts with us all and living a truly Soul-Centered Life.”

—Robert Holden, Author of Life Loves You, Holy Shift, and Authentic Success

All are welcome for this complimentary evening. Click here to RSVP



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