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For Grads & Students
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II
Watch the 6/20 Replay

Hear from a panel of USM Grads and discover the power of USM’s widely acclaimed “Second Year”—and how this Program keeps on giving long after completion!

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Information Evening for Grads
Soul-Centered Facilitation Grads Information Evening
Watch the 7/17 Replay

Hear from Ron & Mary, Licia Rester-Frazee, and Mark Samuel about this innovative and inspired Program designed to answer the Big Question—What’s next for USM?

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For Students & Grads
Life Mastery &
Soul-Centered Living II
Begins October 5, 2018!

A VERY Special Edition of Second Year! 2018–19 will be the last time with Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick as lead facilitators for USM’s long-awaited and widely celebrated Second Year.

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For Everyone
Ron & Mary’s Latest Book!
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Order the book Remembering the Light Within and receive a beautiful bonus meditation.

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All are welcome!
Waking Up to the Spiritual Context—Your Springboard to a Life of Purpose, Love, and Joy
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A replay of a special webinar uncovering the three missing components for effective change.

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For Everyone
Loyalty to Your Soul® Audiobook
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Order the Loyalty to Your Soul® audiobook and discover practical Spiritual Psychology tools that can transform your life.

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“Vincent van Hulnick”—An Artist is Born

Ron really knows his way around a flipboard, as anyone who’s spent time with him in the classroom can attest. With marker as his medium, students have been enjoying his live line drawings for well over 30 years. Some of his most famous works—which he continues to practice month after month and year after year—are …

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Experiencing the 2017 Evening of Magic

Step into the magic of USM’s Evening of Magic! Enjoy the full photo gallery here … Magic was everywhere on the night of October 22, 2017, and perhaps most vividly at the stunning Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village for USM’s annual Evening of Magic gala… Guests descended an outdoor staircase at the golden hour under a silver sliver of a …

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The Events in Las Vegas

Dear USM Community, This morning we became aware of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night and reminded ourselves that the best thing we can all do is place our Love and Light with all those involved for the Highest Good of all concerned. It is important to recognize that this “placing in the …

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My First Time Volunteering at USM—Rena Garland

August 24, 2017 Dear Mary-Kate, I’m writing to thank you, the USM Faculty, and the USM Staff for such a beautiful weekend of service and transformation volunteering at the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop. My heart is so full from the experience. As a first-time volunteer, I had felt called to serve the University, but …

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