Founder’s Message

It is time we place the spiritual energy down into the physical world, and the way to do this is through education. We shall teach and learn to cure ourselves rather than alleviate symptoms. We shall transcend to the point of going through something for the last time. Completion will be a part of the spiritual ecology.

Education will be taught from divergent points of view. We shall have those teachers who can evoke from students the level of consciousness of knowing. Teachers and students alike shall be reaching for that next plateau of consciousness, regardless of what God we worship and how great we think we are. We are going to open the next level to eternal traveling consciousness.

The education of the new age is transcendental. It is education where you do not fail, where individual difference is recognized and considered holy. We do not allow individual students to fall out because they cannot sustain the energy
of holding onto a subject matter. If necessary, the whole group stops and counsels in order to raise the enthusiasm and interest. In other words, we shall elevate the consciousness of learning.

Through the University of Santa Monica, a Wisdom School will effect realization of truth beyond the verbal level. Each student and teacher will become truth. Part of the educational process is to understand who you are as a being on this planet. The last frontier is inner space—reaching the truth that you are. We shall take the truth of any approach, but we are not interested in people standing up and talking about truth. We shall have people who reveal the truth of their beingness. That shall be the teacher of the new age.

We shall be able to see the evolutionary scale of the students and what they need at this moment in their own transfiguration, in their own translation, in their own transcendental education. New vistas will be opened, permitting entry into the consciousness of Love.

The thrill of the University of Santa Monica will be learning functional information that is readily usable. Students shall learn how to live in this world, to be in the here and now, and be involved in the unique process of spiritualizing themselves.

The University of Santa Monica is going to be based on a foundation that is a process of Love where everybody is teaching and learning, and somebody is guiding the information. We will teach and learn from the center of Love.

We shall bring in students who will go through the difficult but necessary transcendence of the mechanical level, and who will finally answer that inner call that shall evoke their beingness. If you participate in this process of transcendence, you will know what education truly is, because you as the student will then become education; you then become meditation; you then become all things and you become nothing; you make non-sense and you make all sorts of sense; you become a paradox to the profane and you become a wayshower to those who are looking; and those who are there find in you the oneness. It shall be difficult, but to whom much is given, much is expected.

When you get a degree at the University of Santa Monica, it won’t be that you passed a prescribed line of study—it will be that you can do what it says you can do.

—John-Roger, 1976

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