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Gina Ann (’15)—Awakening Into My Soul’s Purpose

14 - 1-1I knew something deeper was missing in my life, but I was so lost I couldn’t even hear the whispers of Spirit anymore. After losing my father and ending a relationship, I didn’t have a way to process my pain. When a family friend of mine said, ‘I have the place for you,and told me about USM, I had the sense that this would be my last hope.

As a single, working mom of two kids for many years, it seemed I was always dealing with what was in front of me to do or fix. I didn’t have the time or skills to process my inner experience. So when I went to USM, something clicked. I had always pushed pain down. Now, I could finally share what was hurting inside of me. The level of trust I had for my fellow classmates and their genuine Heart-Centered Listening was so freeing and liberating. Once the supportive community became such a safe haven for me to open up and express emotions without criticism and judgment, everything began to shift for me.

During all the years I had worked with children and their mental and physical issues, I did not know my own inner child. My life was always about giving to others. It became clear that I didn’t really have a way to take care of myself, or my Spirit. After recognizing all the self-judgments I had been carrying throughout my life, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness was profoundly helpful. It gave me a whole new level of Self-loving, and the gift of deepening into my relationship with Spirit.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.06.46 PMThen I began a project that changed my life. I wrote a children’s book called oh no jojo, about a fairy angel who thinks she can’t fly anymore. As a single mom of two kids, I was always saying, ‘Oh no! What am I going to do?’ because I lived life in a kind of panic, trying to make things happen. I described the fairy’s wings as a mosaic, because it was like my life—a lot of broken pieces coming together that made something beautiful. The other characters that help the fairy—“a sweet bee, a hardworking spider, and a wise snake who happens to be a vegan chef”—represent my fellow students who gave me wings by encouraging me. Writing that story was my healing journey, and now, my future too.

gina_jojo_300pxMy first book, oh no jojo, was published through Balboa Press. I enjoy reading and sharing it with children at bookstores, schools, and hospitals, and most of the proceeds are going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Soon, I will share my stories at orphanages in Mexico because I want to share the lessons I learned at USM, and to simply stand in my Light and Peace. I am writing another children’s book called Bully Frog, about a school bully who changes his ways by dealing with his emotions. And now, when challenges arise, I don’t say, ‘Oh no!’ or let fear overtake me anymore. Instead, I use the tools of Spiritual Psychology to be present with myself and others with ease and grace. The whole journey has been so fun and rewarding.

Gina_Classmates-1It’s hard to express how grateful I am for my mentors, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, and all of my classmates. Going to USM was a leap of faith for me, financially and emotionally, but it is unfolding in so many beautiful ways that I could never have imagined.

With an open heart, I live in a higher state of Awareness. I enjoy living in the beautiful unknown too. Since I have Awakened more into my Soul’s purpose, life has become much easier and sweeter. Now, I get to play.

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