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Arianna Huffington Receives a Standing Ovation at USM Graduation

Entrepreneur and Pulitzer Prize winner for online reporting, Arianna Huffington delivered the Commencement Address for USM’s Class of 2015 and received a resounding standing ovation at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Sunday, August 30, 2015.

When Huffington took the stage, she acknowledged how many of the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology she uses in her own life because her sister, Agapi Stassinopoulos, graduated from the University of Santa Monica and, “has been my spiritual mentor for years.” The topic of her speech was about how our unsustainably busy lives demand transformation. Her wisdom and sense of humor kept us all laughing and cheering.

Her charge to the graduates?

“I’m very clear that the issue is not the issue, but how you relate to the issue. I also have no doubt that the Soul Line is much more important than the Goal Line. I regularly relate to my Inner Counselor, and I do my best to operate from heartfelt listening. And although I know that we are all Divine Beings having a human experience and, therefore, you may think that it doesn’t really matter, I just want you to know that from up here you look amazing.”

After inviting USM grads to blog on HuffPost whenever they notice “someone being of service, someone making a difference, something that’s working,” she concluded by saying that the tools a Soul-Centered education provides, are “not just the way to lead a happy life, but are actually transformational in the world around us. Now onward and upward is no longer enough. Now it’s onward, upward, and inward.”

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