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The weekend of August 7–9 was the largest attended Loyalty to Your Soul® Workshop to date, with more than 230 participants including grads, current students, and people new to USM.

Participants flew in from across the United States and worldwide, representing countries such as Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Guatemala, Dubai, Australia, Pakistan, and Ireland.

There were grads and students there with their family members and even a few groups who work together. Can you imagine your entire team of colleagues engaging in this transformational work? And sharing a heartfelt common language while using Skills such as Heart-Centered Listening, Seeing the Loving Essence, Perception Checking, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, and more?

It was a powerful and engaging weekend as the participants worked through releasing their self-limitations and began to Awaken more into the Loving that they are.

By the final day of the Workshop, there was a profound shift, and the energy in the room and depth of sharing were deeply moving. There were many moments of ahas and laughter, and a few tears of heartfelt joy and gratitude as participants experienced and connected with the places inside of Joy, Peace, and Loving, for themselves and each other.

What an amazing opportunity this was for the participants to learn the transformational Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology! As we say at USM, “A conscious world begins with conscious people.™”

It was beautiful to be in a room filled with graduates, first and second year students, and newcomers. I’m just floored that there were so many of us doing this work. I’m touched deeply that even in a single weekend, we were able to collectively dive so deeply into the Soul-Centered Skills and experience them to their fullest, in service to greater awakening. —Alexandra Diez Barroso

I am in awe that I have been taken out of this darkness and into the light by participating in the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop. After the Workshop, I felt this incredible release. Now I can forgive myself for placing judgments on myself, and I have clarity now that my soul can use my human experience for my personal growth. —Linda Stranman

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