Consciousness, Health & Healing:
A 10-Month Certificate Program in
Advanced Spiritual Psychology

One more time with LOVE—CHH with Ron & Mary!

“To say the response to our announcement that October 2017 is the last time Ron and I will be offering and facilitating the 10-month Certificate Program in Consciousness, Health, and Healing has been overwhelmingly positive is an understatement, and the CHH Program is rapidly filling itself! Many Grads have already registered and CHH Grads are coming forward to audit this offering.” — Mary

If you’re a USM Grad who has been thinking about Consciousness, Health, and Healing (CHH), we invite you to join us for a CHH Teleseminar on Wednesday, June 21 from 6–7 p.m. to hear from Ron & Mary about this dynamic Program that explores the relationship between Higher Consciousness, Health, and Healing!

Discover why so many USM Grads say that CHH was THE game-changer for them! Ron & Mary will be sharing their Joy and Enthusiasm for this very special offering, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask them questions during this Live CHH Teleseminar.

We also invite you to experience the essence, energy, and depth of this exquisite Program by viewing the CHH Brochure below. Classes for the Consciousness, Health & Healing: A 10-Month Certificate Program in Advanced Spiritual Psychology begin October 13.

Teleseminar Replay

Listen to a Replay of a Live Teleseminar for 

Consciousness, Health & Healing:
A 10-Month Certificate Program in Advanced Spiritual Psychology


Register Today—It is anticipated that CHH will fill very quickly.

Classes Begin October 13, 2017

Step 1: Register for CHH by paying your first month’s tuition deposit:

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CHH Grads—Click here for information about Auditing CHH

“It is our Joyful intention to deliver this beautiful Program with great Love and in the Highest Consciousness available to those who are called to come forward and participate. It will truly be a year to remember! One more time with LOVE!”
—Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick

Prerequisite for this Program is the successful completion of USM’s two-year Program in Spiritual Psychology (M.A. Degree or Certificate of Completion), or the Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living Course.

What CHH Graduates Are Saying...

Hear CHH grad Stefania Magidson (’12) share how she lives her life in greater alignment, beauty, and grace since completing the CHH Program.

Listen to a 3-minute excerpt of Stefania’s sharing:

“The CHH Program literally changed my DNA.”

—Sherry Sami (CHH ’12)

“I was standing at the gate to a new threshold in my consciousness. CHH was the key to that gate. I utilized that key and stepped through the gate into a new dimension of liberation for myself. I transmuted lifelong obstacles into sacred stepping stones through conceptual adjustments, attitudinal shifts, and energetic anchorings. The value of doing CHH for me was like putting the sacred frosting on the cosmic cake. INVALUABLE.”

—Jezrael Jeffriez (CHH ’08)


To learn more about Consciousness, Health, and Healing: A 10-Month Certificate Program in Advanced Spiritual Psychology, contact Eliza Swords at (310) 829-7402, ext. 119, or For Tuition information, click here.

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