Roma Downey

Class of 2010

Testimonials_Roma-Downey_1bEmmy and Golden Globe nominated Producer and Actress; Starred in TV series Touched by an Angel; Executive Producer for miniseries The Bible and Son of God feature film; Producer of the children’s television series Little Angels and author of three children’s books; Executive Producer for the upcoming remake of Ben Hur and the two miniseries A.D.: Beyond the Bible and The Dovekeepers.

“USM has made me a better mom to my teenage daughter and a better wife. It’s heightened my awareness and I am much more available to my family. The skills I learned at USM are so simple and effective—to listen with your heart and to really hear what somebody is saying. It was a beautiful exploration, and it was very healing. I healed places I didn’t know were hurting. USM is at the cutting edge of transforming people.”

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