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The Events in Las Vegas

Dear USM Community,

This morning we became aware of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night and reminded ourselves that the best thing we can all do is place our Love and Light with all those involved for the Highest Good of all concerned. It is important to recognize that this “placing in the Light” is, in fact, the single most powerful positive response we can possibly make, for that Light is what dispels the negative energy involved in the incident.

In our humanness, we may experience fear, sorrow, grief, despair, etc., and concern having to do with safety and security. These emotions are part of our human process. We can acknowledge them, experience them, and release them, as they are not part of our Essential Nature.

If we allow ourselves to respond with negative energies such as anger, resentment, etc., what we are effectively doing is adding our energy to the very thing we say we are opposed to.

We are reminded of the wise words of Spiritual teacher Ram Dass’s teacher when he shared that, “The only emotion left in a totally realized Being is infinite, unbearable compassion.”

It is “infinite” in that it seems so totally beyond anything that any human being can possibly extend to another human being who has engaged in such behavior.

It is “unbearable” in that acts of violence seem so outrageously insane that our hearts break open and all we want to do is cry.

And it is an opportunity to embrace and embody “compassion” as we see all the suffering, and yet, at the same time, to resist the temptation to curse those who appear to be the cause of the suffering, for we realize that by so doing, we add to the negativity and suffering we are witnessing. What we choose instead to do is to be able to “be with” the ones who are suffering while not “judging” the perpetrators or the situation.

We at USM have the benefit of having heard these words before, along with many practices that support experientially knowing their validity as well as our True Nature. Now is the time, when we’re tested at our limits, to place what we know into action.

Let’s all stand together in our Loving. And if you wish to make a Loving physical response in support of those in physical need, look for ways you can respond that support Loving, Caring, and Sharing on this planet. Certainly, there is no shortage of opportunities.

With Love and Light,


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