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Joy and Satisfaction!

“Volunteering in the USM offices every week, both as a student and a grad, for the past several years continues to fulfill the calling I have to be of service. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction that is unlike anything else that I do. It’s truly a joy to experience working for and with the fabulous USM staff. I highly recommend this service opportunity to anyone.” – Bryant Koh (’03)

You Can Experience a Soul-Centered Work Environment

As a volunteer in USM’s offices, you have the opportunity for directly supporting the USM staff in fulfilling the University’s mission and creating the impeccable educational experience that is the hallmark of USM. There are many ways office volunteers support the staff.

A Variety of Opportunities Are Available

Opportunities include preparing mailings, making follow-up calls, filing, organizing, and working on special projects. This support adds significant, measurable grace to the day-to-day functioning of the University.

You’ll experience a Soul-Centered work environment as you spread your angelic wings among the staff! Everyone has something special to give, and at USM we are open and grateful to receive the benefits of your blessed talents.

If you are interested in volunteering as a USM Office Angel, please fill out the form here.

Service: A Path with Heart Volunteer Opportunities:

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