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We’re All Learning and Growing

“Reading at USM rejuvenates me at the times when I forget who I truly am.” It reminds me of the preciousness of life, that there are more important things than the day-to-day comings and goings. Reading reminds me that loving is easy, and when I step forward in loving service, all things are possible. Supporting students in their growth is a beautiful reminder that we are all learning and growing. I love it and am thankful for the opportunity.” – Donovan Akita (’06)

Strengthen Your Connection With Your Inner Counselor!

Readers play an extremely important role in the USM student educational experience. Reading effectively involves learning how to sustain your connection with your Inner Counselor and strengthen your inner attunement while providing loving, constructive, and supportive coaching on students’ home assignments. Often, because you are in touch with your Inner Counselor, you will be quite amazed at what comes through you. As Mary says, “The wisdom comes through me as I write, so I also receive the benefit and blessings of it.”

As a Reader, being directly involved in supporting each student’s healing process supports you in your own growth and healing. Readers consistently share that cultivating a deeper relationship with their Inner Counselor is invaluable in their daily lives. If you desire to further work within your own consciousness or with others, serving as a Reader at USM is the most empowering Continuing Education Program for graduates that we offer.

Experience the Rewards of Supporting the Students in Their Growth

Each Reader is assigned a specific group of students to read for throughout the year. As a Reader, you come to know “your” students intimately. It is truly rewarding to participate in their growth along with them.

Because the number of students each Reader serves is relatively small, there is time for you to come into the classroom and hear student sharing, providing you with the opportunity to connect more directly with “your” students and to partake of the grace and ever-deepening wisdom that Spirit pours forth into the classroom.

Benefits of Reading

To volunteer or get more information, please contact the Volunteer Resources Director at (310) 829-7402 or send an e-mail here.

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