The 2020 Story of You!

A Two-Day Workshop for USM Grads with Ron & Mary

October 17 & 18, 2020

What happened?

Only a few months ago, it seemed we were living on a different planet in a distinctly different reality. And then, suddenly, radical change began. Humanity’s situation and circumstances didn’t change just a little! “Pandemic” became a household word globally. Sequestering “Safer at Home” and wearing masks quickly became the order of the day—new 21st Century “best practices” for health and well-being. 

The number and magnitude of outer challenges that have followed can seem rather overwhelming.  We know life on the planet in the best of times includes Goal Line challenges activating Soul Line opportunities. 

How do we individually and collectively navigate life when the outer challenges seem of daunting magnitude … and myriad—Covid-19, political instability, economic hardship, environmental issues, and social unrest due to racial oppression and inequity—to say nothing about the details of our own personal life circumstances?  The Earth school curriculum for humanity is surely escalating.

Think about it! Here you are, a Divine Being having and using a human experience for learning, Healing, and Awakening!

What to do?

♥ How can you truly use this time for your growth, learning and upliftment? 

Well, we’ve got some ideas!  We invite you to join us for 

The 2020 Story of You!

an uplifting and empowering two-day gathering of the USM community facilitated by Ron & Mary.

Join us for a wonderful weekend in which you’ll have opportunities for:

  • Exploring your current story
  • Working your process releasing any restriction and limitation that are holding you into a narrative and life that are too small for you
  • Co-creating your vision and aligning your intentions for your life and contribution in 2020 and beyond
  • Experiencing who you are beyond your story
  • Answering the question, What will be the story of you in 2020 and beyond?
  • Receiving and sharing Love and support
  • Partaking of the Blessings that occur when we gather in the University of Santa Monica energy field

2020 will surely be a year to remember. This time provides opportunities for amazing advances in consciousness. When something breaks down or appears to be, it’s usually the best time for a new dawning to emerge! 

The big question is—How will each of us individually and all of us collectively choose to participate in this amazing time?

What will your 2020 story be? 

The 2020 Story of You!

October 17 & 18, 2020 | Online
$ 395
  • Saturday, October 17—
       9am to 6pm Pacific*
  • Sunday, October 18—
         9am to 6pm Pacific*
  • *ending times are approximate
  • Prerequisite: Grads of the First Year or the 2-Year Program

What current students are saying about the Online Classroom

“I am so happy that the Loving Container that is present in the physical classroom absolutely is fully present in the Online Classroom. It holds me and fills me with that Loving Light I always feel surrounded by at USM. How Extraordinary!”
—Andrea Himes
The online trios are actually better than in the physical classroom. It’s even more intimate. One can hear the trio partners clearly without all the other students talking at the same time.”
—Kathleen​ Kernohan
“I loved that I could feel so much love through the screen. I was surprised that the healing opportunities are the same if not better in many ways.”
—Sanya Bari


@2018 University of Santa Monica