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A Message From Our Directors

Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick


An Essential Question

Throughout recorded history, those aware of themselves as travelers upon a spiritual journey have always pondered an essential question: “How can I live a loving, fulfilling, and productive life in this world while being true to my spiritual quest?”

Bridging the Spiritual and the Physical

The University of Santa Monica specializes in the practical application of universal spiritual teachings in everyday life, and we continually use this question as a reference point for the relevancy of our educational process. No matter how many times we ask this question, we always arrive at the same answer: “I can be true to both aspects of my journey, first and foremost, by learning to reside in the Unconditional Love that is the Essence of who I am, and then by sharing that Love in my relationships with others—as well as by demonstrating integrity and excellence in all my endeavors.”

Thus, the arena of Spiritual Psychology emerges as a common denominator bridging between the spiritual and that aspect of the spiritual we often refer to as the physical world. We are constantly rediscovering that by enhancing and refining our relationship with our Self and others, students, faculty, staff, and volunteers alike experience relevancy, meaning, friendship, and fellowship. It is the educational process of refining our relationships with our Authentic Self, Spirit, others, and the world that results in achieving program competencies.

In particular, we are confirming the principle that the content of what we share with each other is far less important than the context of “how” we share it. We are acknowledging the importance of our “state of awareness” as a filter for all communication. We are learning the art of “how” to more effectively approach each other for the maximum benefit of all concerned.

The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart

Another area we find ourselves involved in is that of meaningful and enduring universal human values. We see ourselves strengthening our individual integrity by accepting personal responsibility for our choices and our own inner environment and honoring our agreements with our Selves and others. We are acutely aware of the need to provide relevant educational experience, which empowers students to successfully make their way in the world with the awareness that they are Divine Beings having a human experience.

As we move forward, our basic challenge remains one of providing an educational environment within which students and teachers alike are discovering our own answers to these essential questions:

1) Who Am I?
2) What Is My Purpose?
3) How Can I Make a Meaningful Contribution?

At the same time, we are developing and applying principles, skills, and strategies for being personally effective within the context of current global reality.

By carefully blending universal spiritual values with academic excellence and practical skill development, we enthusiastically look ahead with a willingness to be responsive to the needs of the future. An Unconditionally Loving attitude is the ultimate competency. It is with this purpose in our hearts and minds that we offer the University’s current Programs.

With Blessings of the Heart,

Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick
President and Chief Academic Officer


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