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Announcing! Last call for the final launch of Soul-Centered Living I

Ron and I are writing to you with Joy and Deep Gratitude in our Hearts for the privilege, Blessings, and Joy of serving the University of Santa Monica community for these many years. In January, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. We were young and virtually newlyweds when we began our USM adventure—a Love story expanding to include thousands of USM grads and current students, as well as the greater community who have participated in University of Santa Monica events!! And the “Ron and Mary USM Love story” is still going strong as we offer USM’s 38th year of classes!

On Friday, February 15, we began what is truly the last offering of the First Year, now known as Soul-Centered Living I: A 10-Month Certificate Program in Spiritual Psychology.

Last year in August, USM offered the Loyalty to Your Soul weekend workshop, which was so Spirit-filled and liberating that the participants banded together at the end and “begged” us to please offer the 10-month Soul-Centered Living I Program just one more time. They were so sincere and filled with Light that we said a resounding “Yes!!!”Beautiful Vista

Times are changing and educational delivery systems are evolving as well our capacity to deliver multiple weekends a month with long hours for ten months of the year. The form of USM’s offerings will change, and yet the Essence will remain the same—Soul-Centered educational offerings designed to support individuals as part of the greater Awakening that is taking place on the planet at this time.

It’s our intention to continue developing shorter, more targeted events for those who are eager to enter the domain of Spiritual Psychology, and to continue serving University of Santa Monica grads through weekend workshops and retreats. Stay tuned for additional messages about what’s to come!

And, as we know from close to 40 years of being involved with experiential education, for those ready to make the commitment, nothing really compares to an ongoing monthly 10-Month offering. Lifelong friendships are made, partners discovered, and colleagues in consciousness formed.


If you are at all interested in receiving the Blessings of this final offering of Soul-Centered Living I, this is the time for you to contact USM’s Admissions Team. There will be a Special Make-up Class on Thursday and Friday, March 14 and 15, then flowing into the class weekend of March 15, 16, and 17.

When Spiritual teacher, John-Roger, founded the University of Santa Monica in 1976, he said, “It is time we place the Spiritual energy down into the physical world, and the way to do this is through education. We shall teach and learn to cure ourselves rather than alleviate symptoms. We shall transcend to the point of going through something for the last time. Completion will be part of the Spiritual ecology.”

The University of Santa Monica energy field is truly a Blessing, a place where we all can meet in Rumi’s field—“out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing.” We look forward to being with you there in 2019 and beyond.
From our Hearts, we thank you for all your Love and support through these many years.

Drs. Ron & Mary HulnickWith Blessings of Loving & Light,

Ron & Mary


Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick
Co-Directors and Founding Faculty
Soul-Centered Living I 2019 Lead Facilitators

Special Make-up Class Opportunity
Final Offering of Soul-Centered Living I!

Thursday, March 14 | 10am–8:30pm
Friday, March 15 | 10am–5pm

Then continue on to the March class weekend beginning
Friday evening at 7pm. 

USM Campus | Facilitated by Ron & Mary

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