Transcending the Deeper Levels

A 3-Month Program for USM Grads

We are looking toward possible dates in the Fall of 2020

stay tuned...


To our Beloved USM Grads,

We’re both very much looking forward to participating with you in a very special offering in Advanced Spiritual Psychology: Transcending the Deeper Levels.

We invite you to consider the cornucopia of Blessings that Spirit has in store for all who participate in this exclusive, limited-enrollment 3-Month Program for USM Second Year Grads offered one weekend a month for three consecutive months.

As a USM Grad, you know the territory you’ve covered—the growth and transformation you’ve experienced.

We have been involved in this work at USM for 40 years, and we experience great Joy and Gratitude as we continue lifting into Higher levels of Awareness. The last time we offered this Program, we were in awe of the revelatory nature of the experience. This is not just a repetition of what you did in the two-year Program. There is new material focusing on the subconscious mind that truly builds on the two-year Program material and facilitates profound shifts in consciousness. It is nothing less than life changing.

Benefits of this highly acclaimed three-month Program include:

  • Experiencing the Blessings and Healing Grace available through gathering as the USM grad community inside the USM energy field, entering the Spiritual Context, and engaging in the deeper work with Clear Intention for experiencing your next levels of Healing, Awakening, and Authentic-Self Expression.
  • Opening to deeper levels of Inner Cooperation in service to releasing unconscious resistance and experiencing deep Healing and revelation of Inner Gold.
  • Discovering the Blessings of Working Your Process in new ways that allow you access to some of the unconscious material that has held you into patterns of restriction and limitation—breaking free of the Groundhog Day phenomenon by working with and releasing crystallized patterns residing in your unconscious.
  • Learning how to invoke your Spiritual ally, the Guardian of the Unconscious, who works to assure that nothing gets released into conscious Awareness unless it’s in accordance with your Highest Good.
  • Opportunities for surrendering and completing patterns as you let go into the Sacred, deepening in your relationship with the Divine, gaining entrance into the Flow of Inner Gold within.
  • Experiencing the reservoir of Intuition and Spirit-Inspired Creativity that opens as you release the unconscious barriers that have blocked you from the Awareness of your Essential Nature.
  • Opportunities for clearing issues for the last time.
  • Experiencing profound Gratitude and Grace … and the Majesty of your Soul …

“What happens when you choose residing in your already Open Heart … Accepting your Humanity and Accepting your Divinity? What happens when you set Ascending Intentions … Trusting … Forgiving … Letting Go. Nothing less than Transcendence … Revelation … Restoration of Original Innocence … Illumination. As John-Roger said, ‘The Blessings already are.’ Let’s travel the High Ground together!”

—Ron & Mary


“I felt we were breathing the rarefied air at the top of a mountain of light. The processes were profound in freeing up energy stuck in the unconscious that was leaking out into daily life. It translated into greater freedom, creativity, healing in my life. I experienced tremendous shifts in awareness and now look through a new lens.” 

 —Gabriella Taylor

“This was the most profound healing work I’ve done so far in my USM education. The healing that I received and the deepening and strengthening of the direct experience of my Soul is life changing. I’m so grateful I said yes.”

—Kelly L. Ford

You will have a new and deeper understanding of consciousness in a way you couldn’t have imagined.  Just when you think you’ve gone to the deepest level of healing and consciousness possible, ASP throws down another ladder that goes to the depths of your soul.”

—Lori Chaikin

“ASP really did take me to, and helped me transcend, deeper levels. I was able to uncover very subtle (but pernicious) patterns and unresolved issues that had been hiding out in my unconscious. Once surfaced, I was able to resolve, release, and heal them in ways that brought forward feelings of lightness and freedom. In addition, ASP helped bring me to the deepest levels of Awareness of my Authentic Self (my truth) than any other USM program. ASP is largely about Awakening, and it was Divinely Ordered to do just that—help us Awaken to the Truth of our own Divinity.”      

—Ed Adams

This 3-month program is a wonderful opportunity to come back to USM, fine-tune your skills, and most importantly, work at a very deep level with the support of grads. The level of each trio is like being in Practicum again. A 3-month program is just perfect, is doable, and it was a well-needed tune-up for me. It helped me tremendously to work with the death of my mother.”

—Marco Antonio Regil

This is a ‘must do’ course. It is so healing and liberating to have the opportunity to clear out misunderstandings from your unconscious—the stuff you didn’t even know was stopping you.  I’m so grateful for the loving, healing, space, and guidance that is provided in this course.”

—Kristy Villa

USM skills on steroids. Ron and Mary hit it out of the park with new masterful processes, which created maximum shift in consciousness.” 

—Ken Fisher

My experience from the first trio—I felt the depth of work, the tremendous healing, and the palpable presence of Spirit akin to the energy of Practicum. That’s where we started, and the experience of my Soul was a profound reference point as my ending trio. I just am so grateful. I am so blessed to have answered the call to come and participate. What a gift I gave myself by once again coming to this sacred temple of loving.” 

—Arlene Stepputat

“Do it. 

Don’t wait. 

The gift of a lifetime.” 


—Renée Adams

To further support participants between class weekends, Advanced Spiritual Psychology students will receive:

  • Online Classroom with Soul Moments
  • A private Facebook group
  • In addition, Ron & Mary have agreed to offer two 90‑minute calls between class weekends.



Three Payments of $1,250

$1,250 upon registration, $1,250 for two months thereafter

Pay-in-Full! $3,750


“What happens when the deep wellspring of Compassion that resides within your Authentic Self begins Flowing abundantly through you … and you WAKE UP into the Awareness that you are Love?

“Here’s what happens! You’ve struck it rich! This is when life truly begins, for in those moments of Revelation, YOU KNOW the Mother Lode, the Source of True Gold, is within you—in fact, it IS you! You’re experiencing your Authentic Self, and your Awakening Heart is aware of the download of Spirit’s Blessings through you—as you.”


@2018 University of Santa Monica