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Debra Saavedra—
How My Ideal Scene Became My Reality

Ten years ago, I was searching for a psychology program, but I felt that something vital was missing. It seemed that most of the curricula centered around scientific studies about people, rather than offering an education for life for people. I was hoping to find a program that incorporated the Spirit of people and not …

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Visit USM at Wisdom 2.0

USM is thrilled to announce that we will have a booth at  Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco, February 20–22, a yearly conference with the intention of bringing consciousness and transformation to and through business, technology, entertainment, and culture. This dynamic weekend brings together thousands of attendees and speakers, including coaches, entrepreneurs, wellness professionals, and venture capitalists from …

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Ken Fisher (’15)— From Financial Freedom to Authentic Freedom

Fifteen years ago, when I owned a prosperous telecom company, I found myself wondering, Why am I doing what I’m doing? I loved the business, but I didn’t feel it had any real purpose for me, so I sold it. Soon after, I started a successful investment property company, but over time, I let it …

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Ed Adams (’15) – My USM Experience—Nothing Short of Life Changing

My wife, Renée, graduated from the University of Santa Monica in 2005. I witnessed her magical journey over the course of the Program, and then again when she graduated from the Consciousness, Health, and Healing Program in 2008. In the ten years since she began USM, I met dozens of USM Graduates. They were wonderful, …

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Gina Ann (’15)—Awakening Into My Soul’s Purpose

I knew something deeper was missing in my life, but I was so lost I couldn’t even hear the whispers of Spirit anymore. After losing my father and ending a relationship, I didn’t have a way to process my pain. When a family friend of mine said, ‘I have the place for you,’ and told …

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Leigh Koechner (’15) – Intention: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Before I knew about the University of Santa Monica, I was pitching television show ideas to production companies. When one network finally loved my show idea and I was to meet with the network head, I felt panicky, realizing, ‘I don’t even like this idea. This is not what I want to be known for.’ …

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Clint Bidlack, Second Year Audit—Bringing Inner Inspiration to Work and the World

Before auditing Second Year at USM, my life was already fantastic. The desire to audit came from my realization that a next level of excellence was available to me, both personally and professionally. I work with a tech company in Silicon Valley, so I need to be nimble in terms of being aware of what’s …

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Cyndi Yee—Living My Purpose as a Leadership and Culture Coach

After 15 years of working in advertising, I was given the position I had always wanted at a great agency in New York City, earning a bigger salary than I ever expected. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling trapped and notice diminishing returns in my happiness. Although I was at the height …

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David Couper, ’08—Stepping Forward Into Purpose and Leadership

“As a freelance training consultant within a large corporation in 2006, I had the sense that my work would be more effective if I had an education in psychology. When I found the University of Santa Monica, I knew it would be great for my career, though I didn’t know exactly how. What transpired within …

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Janice MacLeod (’07)
Discovering Heartfelt Work, and Love—in Paris!

“Before I went to USM, I was a successful copywriter at an advertising agency, living a good life, and making good money. I had finally accomplished my goal, yet, I didn’t feel fulfilled. “I began wondering … What do you do when your life plan works out, but you are still unhappy? “In my search …

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