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Realize Your Heartfelt Dreams

We all have heartfelt dreams that we would love to realize in the world. Yet, when we push ourselves to “make things happen,” we can lose sight of the Joy and Creativity that compelled us to take steps forward in the first place. How can we let go of self-imposed barriers to create our vision …

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Celebrating 37 Years of Loving Partnership

On Thursday, January 14, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick celebrated 37 years of marriage and co-creative partnership. To commemorate this milestone, a Heartfelt Blessing was offered by the Second Year Class, which was in session on the evening of January 15. This Blessing was led by current Second Year student Shannon Lloyd and involved the …

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Inside the USM Classroom: Is there such a thing as a Soul Mate?

After experiencing how challenging relationships can be, Xixi asks whether all the effort is worth it. Does “meeting the right person” provide fulfillment and happiness? Listen to Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick’s illuminating response in this video.

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Inside the USM Classroom: A Share About Saying Yes to the Life You’ve Always Envisioned!

Ron is a medical professional who was working with a patient who hadn’t walked in three years. When he asked her if she would like to try to stand up, her response was: “Am I permitted?” Hearing her ask that question, Ron realized he also was waiting for “someone” to give him permission to live …

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