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Couples Workshop 2016 |
Couples Share Their Experiences


At the end of April, couples came from as far away as Switzerland to attend the USM Couples Workshop with the intention of deepening in their love for one another! States and countries of participants included Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Canada!

Couples learned and experienced the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology and applied these tools in processes designed to enhance their relationships. They worked with their projections, judgments, and limiting beliefs, freeing up space for greater awareness of the Loving. They did this work with love and appreciation for their partners and themselves. Their experience anchored the couples in deep Unconditional Loving—their essential nature.

Read these couples’ sharing about this Loving and transformational experiences:

Andras_and_KatiAttending the Couple’s Workshop was like getting a brand-new, well-made, quality toolbox with tools in it that are unique, long-lasting, and personalized to my needs. This special toolbox was packed with items such as Heart-Centered Listening, Heart-Centered Sharing, and Perception Checking, and gave me an opportunity to learn for the first time how to truly listen with my heart. Sounds simple, I know! With the Heart-Centered Listening exercise, repeating what my husband was saying to me gave me an opportunity to not think about my own thoughts, judgments, opinions, and feelings. I was truly in the moment listening to my partner. This was such a gift because the result was Heart-Centered Sharing. My husband felt listened to and safe to share, and I felt like I was there for him and vice versa. It was a beautiful experience!!” —Kati Szeker-Somogyi


Andras_and_family“Our experience in the Couples Workshop was beyond anything I imagined was possible. Being with my wife of more than 20 years, I had thought there was maybe a possibility of taking things to a little higher level, be even closer with each other, but this weekend opened up a whole other world for her and for me. The structure of the course was so brilliant that by Saturday night, we both felt we said almost everything we had needed to say to each other before (but never did), and we both were heard by the other. Once I thought it through, I realized we didn’t have a conversation the whole time in the class! It was only experiencing Perception Checking, Heartfelt Sharing, and Heart-Centered Listening—yet these were enough, all that was needed for us to truly talk and connect. It was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.” Andras Somogyi (Current USM Student)


Bonnie_Ari“The Couples Workshop weekend was a special, safe space that allowed for meaningful, open-hearted conversations, with so many moments of light-heartedness and laughter. I heard my husband share some tender things I hadn’t heard before, including a deeper level of appreciation that is so meaningful to me. I especially loved how we began each activity by invoking ‘an attitude of preciousness.’ To me, this is a beautiful and powerful takeaway that can truly shift everything.” Bonnie Samotin Zev


Bonnie_Ari-3“The Couples Workshop weekend was eye-opening, and I now understand why my wife, Bonnie, is so excited about being in the Soul-Centered Living I Program at USM. It was a good opportunity to address challenges that arise from time to time. I fully appreciate all the tools we received that help me see things in a new way. Perception Checking is a thoughtful way to help minimize misunderstandings and is a path to Heart-Centered Listening. The communication tools play a big part in handling conflict better. The Workshop was also a special opportunity to take time out from the daily demands to remember, acknowledge, and articulate all the wonderful aspects of our relationship and to appreciate and focus on each other.” Ari Zev

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