USM Worldwide Community Gatherings with Ron & Mary

You’re invited to join a special USM Worldwide Community
Gathering with Ron & Mary

October 5, 2021 at 6–8 p.m. Pacific

Open to All!—Click Here to RSVP

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To watch a replay of a past
USM Worldwide Community Gathering,
choose from among the below:

September 14, 2021—Open to All!
Challenging Times: Spiritual Opportunities for Awakening Unto Love—click here, handout here

July 15, 2021—Grads & Students
Expanding in the Face of Contraction—click here, handout here

June 15, 2021—Grads & Students
Compassionate Self-Forgiveness: More Important Now Than Ever—click here

May 4, 2021—Grads & Students
May “the Fourth” Be With You! The Power of Love —click here

March 11, 2021—Open to All!
Learning to Live the Loving: Life’s Highest Education—click here

March 2, 2021—Open to All!
Answering Life’s Essential Questions—click here

February 11, 2021—Open to All!
Finding Joy, Strength & Freedom During Challenging Times!—click here

January 28, 2021—Open to All!
Soul-Centered Living! What’s It All About!—click here

January 13, 2021—Open to All!
Soul-Centered Living! It’s Time for a Quantum Leap in Consciousness!—click here



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