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From the First Class to the Last Class—WOW!

“I graduated in the first class of Koh-E-Nor in 1982 and then participated in the USM Second Year around 1986–88. I’ve been actively engaged in the process of my own Spiritual Awakening since. So I wasn’t too sure what to expect after all these many years of ongoing inner work.

“After the first Soul-Centered Living I class weekend, I’ve already become aware of a profoundly deeper knowing of who I am as a divine being.

“This year is a special expanding process of discovering more and more of who I truly am as a divine being. How to hold in that awareness. How to express myself from that center. And, very important to me, how to consciously create my reality from this divine awareness and loving, whatever my external environment.

“We are consciously practicing the skills of Seeing the Loving Essence and Heart-Centered Listening. This is another opportunity for experiencing yet another deeper divine unfolding. I was in my Civil Air Patrol meeting with all these guy pilots, etc. I thought, hmmm, wonder if I could practice these skills as they chatted with each other. Oh my goodness. Within moments, my heart was so open and full that it was as though I’d fallen in love with them. I practiced it with girlfriends, too. Not only was my inner space so full of loving, I was spontaneous in my conversation and expression. How nice!

“I have a very close relative who, I’m convinced, is a master teacher in the school of petty tyrants. What a painful bugaboo this has been and I just couldn’t figure out over the years how to handle myself or the situation much less stand up for myself. He called the other day with one of his perfect “digs” which usually sent me into hurts and devastation. I didn’t do that; I didn’t go down there. I stayed up. My inner reactions were just not there. I responded cheerfully, ‘Well, it just depends on which eyes you’re looking through.’ It was spontaneous, heartfelt, accurate, and I’m free! Do you suppose it’s the power of my quality and affirmation?

“Quality: Aliveness. Alert, awake, aware.

“Affirmation: Wow! I’m alive … shining with radiant beauty, lighting up my life and the world.

“I’m so full of thank-full-ness to be participating with USM. Every day I have these wonderful warm “waves” of gratitude for the blessing of being in this program!”

—Virginia Norris, ’88

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