Soul-Centered Living I
Grads Share Their Experience

“I work professionally in the entertainment industry as a composer and writer, and I have to say that over the course of this class year, seeing my growth and my creativity has been really exciting to me! […] I’ve witnessed some of my heartfelt dreams really manifesting in ways that have completely transcended my expectations. My joy at experiencing this is matched only by my deep gratitude to USM for the essential part it now plays in my life.”

“There are lots of courses you can take for a weekend and feel really good afterwards, but this work is magical because of the commitment of doing it over a long stretch of time. That’s how you’re able to truly grow, and for me the transformation has been remarkable. I’ve never been more Joyful! I’m really excited about every day. […] You will never find more amazing teachers than Ron & Mary!”

“I felt called from an early age to be an artist, to be a writer and a director. I had success but always with some frustration, some stuckness, some fear, some feeling that there just had to be more that I could be doing and sharing. Yet for all of the work I was doing in therapy, for all of the meditation, for all the work with my coach, I still was feeling this sense of separation. Using the tools of Spiritual Psychology, I was able to heal and dissolve this pattern to an extraordinary degree. Now I am able to dive into projects that bring me so much joy. Every day feels like I am living my dreams!”

“You don’t just learn about healing. You actually heal! This is the first class I’ve ever taken where you actually do the work and you actually heal!”

“If the Dalai Lama can show up in my book, anything can happen!”


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