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Heart-Centered Choices in Challenging Times
By Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick

The Woolsey fires raged. Our two Beloved kitties, Isabella and Theresa, didn’t seem to fully appreciate the need for the mandatory evacuation of our home in Topanga Canyon. Nevertheless, seeing the fires burning dangerously close as we drove down the hill to the 101 freeway affirmed the wisdom of timely departure. We “camped” for five days in our comfy office suite at the University of Santa Monica. What a Blessing to be in familiar space receiving the outpouring of Love and support from our community and holding the Light for all those affected by the fires.

We are truly among the fortunate ones—the ones whose homes didn’t sustain any physical damage. We experienced some disorientation being away from the familiarity of our home and routines, and yet it was an opportunity to hold in Loving and Light for the many who were directly in the path of the fires. We have friends who lost their homes and are choosing to acknowledge their grief and yet are residing in amazing resilience and peace inside themselves.

A few days after returning home, we received notification that our mail, which had been sent to the nearest post office in Pacific Palisades, would be sent back to the Topanga Post Office where we could retrieve it. And so, cardboard box in hand, off I (Ron) went.

The wait looked shorter than I had anticipated and so, like everyone else, I got in line. There happened to be an elderly couple standing in line by me who were obviously not happy with the entire situation and were sharing some of their discontent with me. Being somewhat advanced in age myself, I figured I had some “elderly credentials,” so I took a deep breath and in the most compassionate voice I could muster, said,

“You know, everything you’re saying is absolutely true. This is certainly inconvenient. And you know, there’s another side to this story. Here we are, with our homes intact, on a sunny day in beautiful Topanga. As I see it, I’ve got a tremendous amount to be grateful for.”

The woman responded,

“I agree with you, but he (pointing to her husband) never will.” Where upon, as if on cue with her pronouncement, he began his liturgy of complaints.

At that moment, my name was called and I went to the window to pick up my mail. As I drove the short distance home, I thought about a quote written by William Shakespeare, and placed into the mouth of Hamlet.

“Nothing’s either right nor wrong but thinking makes it so.”

How true! Attitude truly is everything and especially in challenging times. One of the most powerful Principles of Spiritual Psychology is: “How you relate to the issue is the issue.”

Choices, both inner and outer, are one of the primary ways you architect your life. You create your future by how you respond to your experiences now.

Standing in the lobby of the post office, I experienced gratitude and I realized that we all have choices in how we respond to the situations, circumstances, and events of our lives. Even when your life is touched by challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, environmentally, politically, you have the freedom to choose your attitude and the freedom to choose your response.

You can choose to respond with compassion for yourself and others. You can bring forward the strength of heart that allows you to rise in the face of loss, disappointment and adversity. You can choose to be of service to others. There are so many opportunities for sharing the generosity of Spirit that is present at the deepest level of your Being.

And, of course, which road you choose to travel, is totally up to you. We encourage you in choosing the path with Heart.

Heart-Centered Living in Challenging Times

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Wednesday, December 5
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Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick are pioneers and innovators in the field of Spiritual Psychology. Together as President and Executive Vice President of the University of Santa Monica, they have served as the Founding Faculty and Co-Directors, designing an empowering experiential curriculum in service to Awakening the human spirit inherent in each student. They have co-authored the books, Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology, available in 12 countries and 8 languages. Their latest book, Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living, published by Hay House in 2017, was described by Arianna Huffington as, “an invaluable guide for anybody who wants to live a life of meaning and purpose.” Ron and Mary are both licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Mary is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist. USM graduates around the world share that being with Ron and Mary in the classroom is one of the most transformative, Loving, and memorable experiences that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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