A Two-Day Workshop for USM Grads with Ron & Mary

Ron was given the four-line model of consciousness while he and Mary were still living in New Mexico, well before they answered the Call to participate in founding KOH-E-NOR University (which became USM), offering Programs in Soul-Centered education. As a grad, you know this model of consciousness has been foundational to Ron & Mary’s work of sharing the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology all of these years. 

Recently, Ron received Guidance sharing an entirely new model of consciousness that powerfully conveys Spiritual reality and the place of humanity within it. Join us for a very special weekend experiencing the elevation of living life within God’s Living Room. This Workshop will be facilitated by Ron & Mary. 

We are offering this event at the very special tuition of $550 as our gift to the grad community.


$ 550
  • Saturday, July 15—
       9am to 6:30pm Pacific*
  • Sunday, July 16—
         9am to 6:30pm Pacific*
  • *ending times are approximate
  • Eligible: Graduates of the Two-Year Program in Spiritual Psychology

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Q & A with Ron

Q:  What can I expect from taking the In God’s Living Room Workshop?

A:  To be presented with an entirely new perspective that we have never previously presented. It is totally new and changes everything. It is like a key that Spirit is presenting at this unique time in the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth.

Q:  Will there be trios?

A:  Is this USM? 😉

Q:  What makes this Workshop different from others offered by USM?

A:  Once the new perspective has been presented, we will be using it in a simple way. The new perspective is similar to having climbed a higher mountain than ever before and learning how to both perceive and utilize the new vision. Your previously utilized “climbing tools” continue to be utilized. What changes is HOW you use them.

Q:  What is the new model of consciousness and how does it differ from the Four-Line Model? Why is this model so relevant to share at this time given the Greater Awakening on the planet?

A:  This question can only be answered once the new model has been brought forward. It’s like asking someone what they will see when they climb a mountain higher than any they have ever previously climbed.

Q:  Ron, how did the Four-Line Model come to you in the first place?

A:  It goes back to when I was on faculty at New Mexico State University in the Counseling and Educational Psychology Program. And so it was natural to bring it forward when we began the Spiritual Psychology Program at USM. For several years, I have been asking Spirit for some way to up level our work such that it makes more sense in serving to resolve issues at this time in our evolution other than one simply moves further and further from the negative into the positive. Then, one night, in a dream, my prayer was answered.

Q:  What can I expect to walk away with from my participation in the Workshop? Will I learn how to reside in God’s Living Room?

A:  Even better, you will learn that you have always been residing in God’s Living Room. You simply weren’t aware of it. Nor were you aware how that one shift changes everything.

Q:  What do you mean by God’s Living Room?

A:  I can’t directly tell you this since it can only be known through having the experience. Just like I can’t really tell you what swimming is like if you’ve never been in water over your head. That’s why we’re doing a workshop and not simply writing an instruction manual.

Q:  Will there be new practices I’ll take away from this Workshop?

A:  No and yes. Yes, in that words will be similar. No, in that the words will have a different meaning.

Q:  It’s been so challenging lately to believe in the positive evolution of humanity. With all that’s happening on the planet, it’s hard to hold on to hope/a positive outlook. Please help me understand why it’s so hard right now!

A:  Because our “learned perspective” is too small. The “perspective” presented in the God’s Living Room Workshop, along with the processes, which we’re all familiar with, change as we alter the perspective we’ve been used to perceiving through. It’s like having learned to drive in California and then being confronted with the task of driving on the moon.

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