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A Loving Announcement From Ron & Mary

Dear Beloved USM Family,

On Tuesday, May 16, 2017, at the Information Evening—Learning How to Live a Soul-Centered Life: An Introduction to Spiritual Psychology, we shared that next year will be the last time that we, Ron and Mary, will be offering and facilitating the following Programs beginning in October 2017:

A 10-Month Certificate Program in Spiritual Psychology

A 10-Month Certificate Program in Advanced Spiritual Psychology
(for Life Mastery and M.A. Program graduates)

It is our Joyful intention to deliver these two beautiful Programs with great Love and in the Highest Consciousness available to those who are called to come forward and participate. It will truly be a year to remember!

We have made this decision following deep reflection and prayer. The guidance we are receiving is that Spirit is calling us to free ourselves so that we are available to serve in whatever ways that Spirit guides and inspires us.

The response at the Information Evening was immediate and affirming. Registrations for Soul-Centered Living began from those attending as soon as the presentation completed as those new to USM caught the energy and the immediacy of the opportunity!

Imagine how this gift of healing and transformation could support your friends and loved ones! If you know someone in your life that would benefit from the Program and who has interest in this work, we encourage you to invite them to begin their inquiry into the Soul-Centered Living Program now as the class is anticipated to fill very quickly this year!

And if you’re a USM Grad who has been thinking about Consciousness, Health, and Healing for yourself, this is the year! Please call Eliza at (310) 829-7402.

We are extremely enthused by what we see emerging in our world at this time as humanity takes its next upward step. We look forward to continuing to support you on your journey of growth and Awakening as we facilitate new and exciting offerings in Spiritual Psychology. So rest assured, we are not retiring; we are totally committed to continuing fulfilling USM’s mission of “Communicating the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology Worldwide.”

Please know that we Love you and invite you to accompany us as we embark upon the journey ahead.

Blessings of Light and Loving,



Ron & Mary

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