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Loyalty to Your Soul—A Transformational Weekend


The weekend of July 22–24 was a milestone in USM history. For the first time ever, the Loyalty to Your Soul® Workshop was offered in English with simultaneous Spanish translation, allowing participants to experience the Principles and Practices in their native language. More than 110 participants including grads, current students, and people new to USM attended this transformational weekend. Participants flew in from 15 different states, as well as internationally—from Mexico. 

“The level of self‑commitment, courage, and willingness to be fully engaged in the Workshop was inspiring beyond words. It was such an honor to witness the growth and transformation that occurred. It is rewarding to know that these individuals have the skills and desire to continue their Spiritual Awakening.” —Ron and Mary Hulnick

The work done in this Workshop is proof that the transformational effect of Spiritual Psychology is impactful enough to transcend language. Using Soul-Centered Basic Skills such as Seeing the Loving Essence, Heart-Centered Listening, Perception Checking, Facilitating Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, and more, participants slowly began releasing long-held beliefs that were holding them back from recognizing themselves as Divine Beings and seeing the Light within.

By the final day of the Workshop, participants found themselves experiencing deeper levels of Joy, Peace, Loving, and connectedness with themselves and others.

Get a glimpse of the weekend and listen to Danielle, a heart surgeon for babies, ask a heartfelt question about the true meaning of Acceptance.

Ron and Mary guide her into a deeper understanding of what Acceptance is and bring forward a new perspective on how to continue being a presence of love in her deeply meaningful work.

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