Arriane Alexander — CHH ’08

“When I got the email about the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop, I literally screamed. I was so excited! I have been waiting for this Workshop to come back!” 

This workshop doesn’t waste a minute of time. It is solid, well thought-out information on a few basic skills and excellent exercises to practice each skill. The workshop is appropriate for all ‘skill’ levels and really brings perspective to many teachings I have been exposed to. The skills are usable in everyday life. Ron and Mary are masterful and open in handling questions. Their materials are beautifully considered and written. Thank you all.”


“Everything in my life came into alignment when I said Yes to taking a deep dive into spiritual work and studying with the University of Santa Monica. And it’s fun… !” 

the wygants — ’88, ’09, ’22

“We love USM because of the beautiful community we get to be a part of!…We use our skills all the time! …Using the skill set that USM provides we can work through issues experientially and lock that learning into how we approach life.”

Run don’t walk to sign up and participate in this course. Thank you for all of it.”

The LTYS workshop helped release physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks that were keeping me from my fabulous, loving, Authentic True Self. With the gentle, yet powerful, skills and breaking out into trios, things cleared for me in a way that regular talk therapy couldn’t. The collective experiential work will be ever present and I know I can always return on my journey of being the loving. PS All relationships (work, family, intimate) will be benefitted by the powerful and simple work done here.”

Kristin Urbanis — CHH ’22

“I’ve taken Loyalty to Your Soul twice! … It opened me up to the experience of having greater levels of peace and being better able to hear and really be in alignment with my own inner wisdom and guidance.” 

Johana Lombardi — CHH ’22

“I love this Workshop because it is a microcosm of the experience itself to really step into the teachings and the wisdom—and listen to the Soul within you that is always available, always there, and always the guiding star! Do it!”

This has been a deeply powerful and transformational workshop. Never have I experienced the depth of comfort and loving in any other workshop or class as I have experienced from LTYS. I am profoundly grateful for the abundantly open, safe, loving, and healing environment that is nurtured in this workshop. It allowed me to expand into deeper loving and acceptance for myself and others than I’ve ever had the joy to experience before. I came to find what’s out there for me. I found what’s inside of me.”