Remote Community Gathering with Ron & Mary



Beloved USM Grad & Student Community
What an opportunity we all have on the planet at this time to really step forward in the Wisdom of USM’s Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology.
Just this week, LA County, acting out of what they termed as an “abundance of caution,” declared a “state of emergency,” which the governor expanded to the state of California, due to new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the region. As I’m sure all of you are doing, we at USM are being vigilant about our own personal hygiene by washing our hands thoroughly, cleaning our work spaces, and taking supplements to boost our immune systems.
Given this news from the County, we made the decision to begin the Advanced Spiritual Psychology Program in April instead of tonight. This came as a very clear message from Spirit as well as making best use of all te information available to us at this time. All of us at USM recognized the importance and impact of making this change and the opportunities available for working on the deeper levels. We realized that class had, in fact, begun right on time!
So what’s next?
One Blessing of this is that with the launch of the Advanced Spiritual Psychology Program now in April, it gives Grads who have not yet registered the opportunity to come be part of the class.
Please also know that for those of you in the Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Program, and for those of you who are still planning on registering for the Make-up Class, it is our full intention to continue forward with the March 20–22 weekend, including the two-day Make-up Class being held on March 19 & 20.
In the grander scheme of things, and as we approach the turn of the Yuga in 2025, there is an extraordinary opportunity for all of us on the planet to experience leaps in consciousness.
What better time to join together as a community, to reach out and be in touch with your USM friends, to put your USM Soul-Centered Basic Skills and Principles to use, and to stay in touch by joining us in the USM energy field than now?
In service to that intention, we invite you to join a Remote Community Gathering we will be hosting online via Zoom for conversation and a Global Peace Blessing this Wednesday, March 11, at 6 p.m. Pacific
Click below if you are a Grad and you will be there, and to receive the Zoom link. 
This remote gathering for our Grad community will be a wonderful opportunity to ask any questions you may have concerning the challenges and opportunities that are being presented to all of us on the planet at this time, and also the Blessings. It will be a time to come together for a Light invocation and a Blessing for the planet and all of humanity.
We love and appreciate our beloved USM community and we look forward to seeing you online, in the classroom, and, of course, in our hearts.
With Loving,
Ron & Mary

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