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The First Soul-Centered Living Lab


Wednesday, July 13, marked the last day of class for the inaugural Soul‑Centered Living Program, USM’s ten-month Certificate Program in Spiritual Psychology. This Program was created on the foundation of more than 35 years of progressive graduate Programs in Spiritual Psychology—and, without a doubt, it was another USM success story.

The SCL Program culminated in a six-day intensive Lab, which generated a palpable liveliness in the classroom as students connected with the places inside of Joy, Peace, and Loving for themselves and each other. It was a powerful and transformational experience as the students continued their work in Spiritual Psychology, releasing their self-limitations to Awaken more fully into the Loving they are.

The SCL students and the Lab assistants shared their gratitude for the transformation and growth that they experienced as a result of participating in the Lab and the Program.

Hear What Students are Saying About SCL

Toward the end of the Lab, students were asked, “What three aspects of the Soul-Centered Living Program have been of the greatest value to you?” Here are some of their responses:

  1. “The Program has welcomed me into a community that believes/lives within the Spiritual Context, a context that has always resonated with me, and an authentic community can be hard to find.”
  2. “It [the Program] has supplied me with an incredible toolbox that helps me live my life more fully. It is a toolbox that all those who interact with me will benefit from.”
  3. “Awareness of how my spiritual past and curriculum has unfolded over the years. Awareness of our need to ride on the Loving and why it’s so important.”

—Felipe Regueira


  1. “This Program changed my life! Trio experiences provided the opportunity to practice the Basic Skills, understand the approaches, and actually work my process in real time. Trios also allowed me to ‘experience’ the skills and principles.”
  2. “Large Group Shares: Observing Ron, Mary, and Licia reinforcing the skills and Facilitation Approaches, and learning from their wisdom and guidance.”
  3. “Online Tools were amazing and offer follow-up to review and reinforce the material covered and to stay plugged in between classes. The meditations and journal pages are wonderful!”

—Kristi Robinson


  1. “Experiential practice of learned methods, Skills, and principles in trio form helped the implementation into my daily life outside of the classroom.”
  2. “Volunteers—the energy and majestic orchestration of operating this Program are laid on the foundation of their experience and skills as previous students.”
  3. “Weekend immersion format: Time to immerse. Time to practice.”

—Danny Davis


If you or someone in your life would benefit from this Soul-Centered Education, feel free to contact a member of our Admissions Team at (310) 829-7402 or click here for more information on SCL.

Hear What Grads are Saying About SCL


“The Program is now available and accessible to everyone. There is a great deal of flexibility available, and students have the choice to immerse themselves at any level that is right for them. Beyond the changes, what remains the same is the most extraordinary opportunity for true joy, fulfillment, richness, aliveness, and embodiment of the love that we truly are. USM is a gift of self-discovery to unfold into who we truly are.”
—Donna Bond, Assistant


“The best financial investment I’ve ever made. The spiritual returns are unlimited and compounding! The answer to that little quiet voice inside that asks ‘Is this it? Is there more to life?’ is USM. It is fun, elegant, profound, and essential. If you’ve ever felt an inner longing, wondering or wanting, USM might just be the place you find the answer.  It is for me. It taught me to find my inner answers.”Trisha Kuhlmey, Assistant


“There is a new energy infusing the Program. Beyond the skills you learn, there is a new type of student showing up. They are not seeking a degree or credential. They are interested in a new type of mastery in their personal lives and in how they present themselves and share themselves in the world.”—Mike Polek, Assistant


Learn more about Soul-Centered Living here.

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