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APRIL 2022

A week ago, we joined the Class of 2022–23 for the first weekend of Second Year, now known as Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II. What a Glorious time we had working with students as they brought forward their Heartfelt dreams, which are the Sacred Yes Projects they will be co-creating and manifesting throughout the 10-month Program and beyond.

During the weekend the trio processes also provided powerful opportunities for Healing the deeper issues and patterns we each took embodiment to Heal. The students took full advantage of the space and energy field, supporting each other in releasing hurts… and forgiving the judgments, misunderstandings, and misidentifications that have manifested as ego consciousness focused on positionality and againstness. They are already demonstrating deep intentionality for fully utilizing their Year Two experience Awakening ever more fully as the Presence of Love… the Presence of Peace…

Our experience during the weekend once again demonstrated the power of a group of people who recognize — A Conscious World Begins With Conscious People — and answer the call to consciously Awaken, courageously loving and supporting each other in Healing and the empowering work of remembering: I am not a human Being with a Soul. I am a Divine, Loving Being having and using a human experience in service to Awakening.

The work brought forward Awareness of three opportunities even more relevant and relatable during this time:

  • Opportunities for taking responsibility for our own unresolved issues… learning to forgive ourselves and each other for our judgments and past choices.
  • Opportunities for Awakening into the Awareness of our Essential Nature and living as the Presence of Peace and the Presence of Love.
  • Opportunities for experiencing and sharing our Loving Nature through Generosity of Spirit and Compassion in action.

The global outpouring of Loving service taking place at this time is extraordinary. Each of our acts of service, Loving Kindness, and prayers for Peace matter.

We pray for Peace. We know that Peace is always present, Peace is an inner process, Peace is the cessation of againstness, and Peace is a choice. John-Roger articulated these powerful Principles of Peace many years ago, and we share them as they are so relevant to us individually and collectively at this time.

We are Grateful to be part of a community of those who gather to do the work we all came to do and to Awaken into our Essential Nature during this time of the Greater Awakening on the planet—to live as the Presence of Peace… the Presence of Love.

With Blessings of Infinite Love, Infinite Light, and Infinite Peace,

Ron & Mary signature

Ron & Mary

This past weekend was the launch of the 2022–23 and final edition with Ron & Mary of Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II: A Gateway to Freedom! 

The depth of work taking place in this very first weekend clearly reflected the students’ intention to fully avail themselves of this Gateway to Freedom.

Mary, naturally, puts it best: “Spirit continues to be at work in the USM classroom in amazing and wondrous ways that touch our Hearts and inspire us to continue this work of the Spiritual Heart during this very challenging time as the evolutionary tide on the planet is rising! ♥ Never has the need on the planet for this work been greater and never have the opportunities for deep Healing and revelation of the majesty of the Authentic Self been more available.”

And if you haven’t yet heard… 

We’re holding a Make-up Class!

Read what some of the current Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II students have to say about the Blessings they’ve already received.

This past year, as I witnessed the negativity escalating across the planet, my heart called me forward to higher levels of service. Although I started my USM-guided journey of inner freedom 20 years ago, I felt called NOW to take my quest for mastery, inner alignment and attunement to the highest levels available.

This past weekend's HIGH LEVEL energy field and consciousness has already lifted me and my aspirations for service in so many ways! The level of healing, growth, expansion, upliftment, joy, clear vision, commitment, and Loving that manifested through me through the spirt-designed and refined processes and trios shows me that this vision of higher frequency is possible for all of us! My Sacred YES Project for this year is Midwifing a New Earth. My deepest desire and heartfelt intention is to support those who are manifesting their own unique contributions that help all of us co-create Heaven on Earth.

Through the USM weekend, my intention has manifested into an Ideal Scene, and I've connected with so many lovely, courageous souls who have heard the same call to help weave the matrix of light that supports the planet—her health, well-being, and longevity. This journey into my inner guidance and Spirit's wisdom clarified that I am ascending the mountain of light by gifting my precious life energy to that which is truly worthy of my soul. And the supportive structure and unparalleled energy field of USM are the perfect jet fuel to lift me to the stars!

You can still join University of Santa Monica First Year grads who are embarking on this remarkable journey for the first time as well as Second Year and CHH grads who are auditing. More than 170 strong, students from 12 countries have gathered for Second Year. With a team of extraordinary assistants and dedicated support staff, we have over 200 light-filled souls joining together monthly in the classroom, and we are so inspired about this upcoming year.

With open hearts and Loving enthusiasm, we invite you to join this Special Edition of Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II: A Gateway to Freedom. The first weekend was extraordinary. Clearly, this class is committed to conscious Awakening living as the Presence of Love and the Presence of Peace while answering the call to share their gifts and manifest their Heartfelt dreams.

For those of you who have completed Soul-Centered Living I or First Year only, it’s important to realize that completing the Second Year is a prerequisite for all USM advanced offerings:
  • CHH
  • Advanced Spiritual Psychology
  • Other grad-only events to come!

This is the last call for the Class of 2022! The Make-up Class will be held April 9 & 10.

You’re invited to join us this Tuesday as the University of Santa Monica community gathers in the virtual classroom bringing our Hearts and Light together—present to the sacred opportunity on the Planet at this time.

We’ll begin with a Light invocation followed by a Peace meditation in which we enfold the planet and all humanity… all life forms… in the Light of the Holy Spirit asking that whatever negativity, againstness, endarkenment, sorrow, and grief that may be present within us be released into the Light, transmuted and returned to the nothingness from which it came… in accordance with the Highest Good.

Your Presence matters, your consciousness matters. Let us come together to lift and be lifted ever more fully into the Awareness of our Essential Nature and Purpose as Loving. We are living in the time of the Greater Awakening on the planet. As we accept responsibility for releasing the misunderstanding and negativity residing within our own consciousness, we add to the rising evolutionary tide of Awakening. Let each of our Heartfelt prayers join the collective prayers being prayed at this time.

University of Santa Monica is a Light house radiating a luminous Beacon of Light on the planet. Gift yourself an evening bathing in the energy and renewing your intention for using the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology in service to your healing and liberation—flourishing in the Majesty and Freedom of your Soul.

USM’s Founder John-Roger had four Principles of Peace, which we will share during the Gathering. We’ll also offer a reflective process focused on letting go of that which is less than Peaceful within our Consciousness and acknowledging the Peace that is already present within. As always, there will be time for Q&A, and we’ll complete the evening with a Meditation on Peace.

A Conscious World Begins With Conscious People, Part II, will be held on Tuesday, March 29, at 6pm Pacific for our beloved Grad Community.

USM Worldwide Community Gathering

Tuesday, March 29, 2022
6–8 p.m. Pacific

Blue Heron, a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by Romanian-born Stefania Magidson, USM Grad ’93, is currently engaged in courageous and inspiring humanitarian work in Eastern Europe. It has grown into one of the largest non-profit organizations in the Romanian diaspora, improving the quality of life for thousands of orphaned youth and providing education and mentorship for hundreds over the past 20 years. Recently, through Stefania’s heart-centered leadership, her organization’s mission swiftly expanded from providing Romanian and Moldovan orphaned and abandoned youth with college scholarships and mentorship to include assisting the outpouring of refugees from the country when the crisis in Ukraine began.

Now, the very alumni of Blue Heron’s programs—those once orphaned—are reaching out their hands to help the refugees crossing daily into Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

At the border, Sergiu, a Master’s student who also serves as Blue Heron’s Volunteer Team Coordinator, has been steadfast in his efforts to pick up refugee families, as well as their pets, and transport them safely to hotels in Suceava, one hour away. Hundreds of Ukrainian refugee families have been directly supported by Sergiu and his fellow Blue Heron volunteers who are demonstrating tremendous Strength of Heart in extremely challenging conditions. Whether purchasing food for camps at the border, setting up heated modules, passing out sandwiches, blankets, and SIM cards, driving refugees to safety or simply offering their Loving Kindness and Compassion, Blue Heron’s volunteers represent some of the unflinching, quiet heroes behind relief efforts in Eastern Europe.

Blue Heron’s Founder, Stefania, is grateful for her USM education, which forms the cornerstone for her humanitarian work, and believes an essential key is remembering that Spirit does the work through her. This Awareness gives her strength as new elements of her humanitarian service are launched while the war continues in Ukraine.

As she shares: “I say to anyone out there—if ever you were going to get involved and do something, this is the time to take action. There is no duality in this—it’s a stand for humanity, for life, peace, and freedom. I want every person to feel that their small contribution was significant in increasing the balance of good and light on the planet, especially at this time”

Stefania continues, “Also, to have faith in smaller organizations like ours—of course it doesn’t have to be ours. This is the kind of organization that is on the ground, transparent, we are so careful with our contracts, we have the experience, the infrastructure, and the founders pay 100% of expenses.”

She goes on to describe how Blue Heron was able to act swiftly when the crisis began, having already had a team and infrastructure in place and, most importantly, the ability to transfer money quickly between organizations in Romania. Since mid-February, Blue Heron has partnered with both established and grassroots organizations to provide emotional and logistical support for the refugees at four entry points along the border, including purchasing module housing for vulnerable refugees and medicine and medical equipment for Ukrainian hospitals. Most recently, they are teaming up with social workers, psychologists, and translators to provide mental health services as well as partnering with several Yale doctors who have stepped forward to serve.

In an appeal from her heart, Stefania concludes, “This is the time to give and this is the way to give—through organizations that are very efficient and who can have a profound impact and are transparent. They can really make the money go a long way. Like what we’re doing with medicine and medical equipment which we buy at cost in Romania, take to the border where Ukrainian volunteers pick up and deliver to three hard-hit hospitals. We do this weekly, based on updated lists from Ukrainian doctors. It’s a very efficient, streamlined process.”

Our hearts are deeply touched and spirits moved by the beautiful humanitarian work done by Stefania and her organization that exemplify the power of Loving in action. You can learn more about the Blue Heron Foundation at their website here and read the latest updates on their Facebook page here.

In the Classroom: Spiritual Psychology students

—International Student—

All of the students demonstrate incredible intention and commitment and the international students who join us for the classes in the wee hours of the night really humble us in terms of their intention and incredible willingness. Students are participating from New Zealand, Qatar, El Salvador, Taiwan, Italy, and more…

Let’s hear from Andreina in Curacas, Venezuela.

—Soul-Centered Living I 2021 Grads—

Jay, who happens to be calling in from Bali for this class weekend, shares beautifully about what may become the focus of his relationship project. 


Currently, there are more than 60 students auditing Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II. Ronnie, who recently completed CHH, joyfully shares her Sacred Yes Project vision and intention.


Everyone has the potential, resources, and destiny to graduate. There is no failure—only repeated opportunity.

This principle reminds me that from the moment I was born, I had everything I needed to live a fulfilling life. Every experience is an opportunity to consciously awaken—to know myself as Loving. When I find myself in a negative situation that seems all too familiar, it can be a reminder to look for those areas where I may have a misperception or misinterpretation of the situation. That “I’ve been here before” feeling is a great reminder to pause, take a step back, and look at the situation as an opportunity to resolve an issue for the last time. I’ve noticed that if I try to “skip” this one, the next time around can be more intense. I’ve learned to use the opportunity, rather than attempting to avoid it.

Michael Polek

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