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march 2021

The energy here at USM is surely humming as we prepare for the launch of Soul-Centered Living I on March 20 & 21, and Consciousness, Radiant Health & Healing on April 10 & 11. What a triumph and testimonial to the Power of Love. The metamorphosis of the University during the past year surely parallels that of a majestic Monarch butterfly who emerges from the chrysalis to find not only can she fly—she can soar!

2020 was arguably the most challenging of our 40 years in leadership as we were faced with the choice of “retiring” (as if that were really possible) or making a quantum leap from in-person to online classes. With the encouragement and full awareness of the technical wizardry and, even more important, the great Heart of our much smaller but mighty staff, we presented the Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II students with the invitation to join us two Saturdays a month in sacred space inside the USM online classroom. Their enthusiastic Yeses matched our Sacred Yes and led to our launching the grand experiment of USM Online. Together, we Joyfully discovered that as Father Guido Sarducci said in his famous commentary on The Five Minute University, “God is everywhere.” The Power of Love transcends space, time, and medium!

The University is now attracting first year students from around the world with SCL I registrations from fourteen countries: UAE, Qatar, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Venezuela, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, UK, Kenya, Mexico, and Brazil, and, of course, from across the United States. As of this writing registrations are at 132, and with a make-up class planned, we are anticipating more than 200 SCL I students when we open the online classroom doors!

Consciousness, Radiant Health & Healing Program enrollment is limited to 135 participants. Announced two weeks ago, the class is already almost half full. If you’re called, we encourage you to register now to assure your space. If you’re a grad, assisting is a great way to be in the energy and to be of service while at the same time accelerating your own Awakening. The long tradition of volunteer service by grads is still key in making USM’s Soul-Centered educational experience possible. If you are interested in assisting, see the Volunteer article in this Newsletter.

We are very Grateful to you, the University of Santa Monica Community. Thank you for all the Love, Light, messages of encouragement, and gifts of financial support helping us bridge the gap during this past year. Thank you for lifting your Self and others through your commitment to living the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology in your everyday life. Together, we are this University of Santa Monica. As John-Roger said on the day of his installation as Chancellor in 1989:

“‘I am this University of Santa Monica.’ In that, put the blessings of your heart and your love into it. And not only your blessings of your heart and your love, but your blessing of sustaining this University.”

Surely the emergence of the University of Santa Monica stronger than ever in times of Covid is an inspiring example of what the Power of Love can do! From our Hearts we thank you and we thank Spirit. We are deeply Grateful for the privilege of continuing to serve you, our global community as well as those who consider themselves Friends of University of Santa Monica, during the greater Awakening that is taking place on the planet. We love and appreciate you!

See you online!!

As I reflect on three quarters of a century of living, a vivid memory line emerges sparkling with moments when life’s perennial questions were front and center.

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose? and
  • How can I make a more meaningful contribution and live a more fulfilling life?

Even as a child I contemplated the first two questions. The longing to know has always been present… a nagging awareness that there must be something more. I listened for whispers in the stillness… contemplated the beauty of nature… found “home” in the Heart of family and friends… studied existential psychology in the ’60s… pursued a Ph.D. only to complete it at age 26 with the realization there was so much more to learn… so much room to grow…

I knew the five-sense reality I was seeing was like a movie set—and if only I could pull back the curtain revealing what was beyond the dramas of life, an entirely different reality likely would be revealed… something extraordinary… something life-changing. A few years later, enter Ron Hulnick—stage right—blessed with the gift of the Spiritual Consciousness—sharing simple and empowering concepts providing entrance into the Spiritual Context including the five-line model and clear distinctions such as the Goal Line and Soul Line of life. These are only the tip of the iceberg of the life-changing Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology offered at USM these past 40 years and now available online to students throughout this country and around the world.

During this time of the greater Awakening on the planet and all the challenges present globally, we invite you to join us for an inspirational evening designed to support everyone—whether current student, grad, or newcomer—in experiencing the Healing and empowering work of the University!

Join us for an enlivening evening in which you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your journey, your own answers to life’s essential questions, and answering the calling of your Heart.

USM Worldwide Community Gathering
Answering Life’s Essential Questions
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
6–8 p.m. PST

Please click below to Watch the Replay.

It has been said a tree is known by its fruit. USM is known by its graduates who are a multitude of living, breathing, Awakening Souls, many of whom are committed not just to the transformation of themselves but to the transformation of their world as well.

How does this transformation and Awakening occur? What kind of educational process catalyzes empowerment within its students and graduates creating a transformational ripple effect throughout the world?

The educational paradigm the University of Santa Monica brings forward is both radical and simple: The transformed world you seek around you can only emerge by first transforming the world within you. That world is your own consciousness.

And now that world is expanding. Soul-Centered Living I beginning March 20 has students registered from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Venezuela, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, and all across the United States. It’s never been easier to join this renowned educational Program lead by the founders of Spiritual Psychology, Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick. 

“This is life changing and life giving.”
Demi Moore
Soul-Centered Living I, 2019
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online, 2021
“Do it. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Would you rather experience the greatest life, the greatest love, the greatest self that you are … now or later?”
Eric Matthew Lumiere
Soul-Centered Living I, 2019
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online, 2021
“If you are called to transform your life this is the place for you. The USM principles are the handbook to living and loving fully that you always wished you had. There is great love for you here and inside of yourself. Show up with courage and commitment and Ron and Mary will teach you tools that you will use for the rest of your life. You will not recognize yourself at the end of your USM journey, or perhaps I should say, you may see yourself for the first time and it will be a beautiful day.”
Alexandra DeFurio
Soul-Centered Living I, 2019
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online, 2021

It is with Joy, Gratitude, and Enthusiasm that we are preparing for the launch of the Consciousness, Radiant Health & Healing Program in April 2021! As many of you know, CHH is my (Mary’s) favorite! It’s been truly a Blessing for us to facilitate and nurture this Spirit-Inspired Program through the years and to witness the profound Healing, Transformation, and Awakening of the students who have participated.

This Program was last offered in 2017–18. One Grad told us that the CHH Program literally changed her DNA! Another Grad shared that she initially enrolled in the Program to address concerns about her eyesight; what she soon discovered was nothing less than the opening of her Spiritual vision. What Miracles of Grace we have experienced!

Now, three years later, there is both a poignancy and immediacy present as we attune to Spirit’s Inspiration and Guidance about this Program given current conditions on the planet:  Covid-19 with variant strains emerging, political polarization, economic hardship and food insecurity, climate change unleashing environmental issues of massive proportions, severe air pollution wreaking havoc on human health and the health of the planet, and social unrest based on racial issues.

How will we respond to the steepening learning curve? Shall we default to a “New Normal” by remaining at the level of consciousness that actually created our current challenges? Or shall we evolve to a “New Better” by equipping ourselves with an elevated consciousness truly capable of achieving it?

Current conditions are providing tremendous opportunities for Healing individually, for humanity, and for the planet. How does such Healing occur? It occurs through the evolution of consciousness. Conscious people make wiser choices in harmony with the Highest Good of  all concerned. We are at the beginning of a New Age. With the higher energies that are coming onto the planet at this time, exceptional opportunities are present for growth and transformation—for rapid Awakening and elevation of consciousness. CHH is a Program in harmony with the higher frequencies presenting unparalleled opportunities for Healing and Awakening into Higher Consciousness.

Are you ready to answer the call at this critical moment in the evolution of humanity—a moment offering opportunities for unprecedented advances in consciousness and requiring radical change in physical-world reality?

By each one of us doing our own work, the net result will be the transmutation of prejudice, inhumanity, oppression, and the illusions of unworthiness and separation—the “dis-ease” that afflicts us all. In short, the time is at hand for humanity to evolve. Our response to the “dis-ease” is our continuing to answer the Call of Spirit to share this work. Know it is our intention, stronger than ever, to continue serving the greater Awakening that is taking place on the planet at this time. Participating in the Consciousness, Radiant Health, and Healing Program is an opportunity to experience Radiant Health and Well-Being on all levels, including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and unconscious. Accelerate your Healing. Accelerate your Transformation. Live your life Awake to Love. Be the difference that makes a difference. 

As Ron said 40 years ago:  “Every time one person resolves one issue, the whole of humanity moves forward.”

Join us for this dynamic, exciting, and sacred offering. It will truly be a year to remember.

With Blessings of Loving, Light & Radiant Health and Well-Being,

Ron & Mary signature

“I highly prefer the online classroom as my experiences, learnings, and upliftments were grounded within my own home. My teenage son openly expressed, ‘I love it when Mom is having class because I can feel myself becoming more aware of my own self and choices.’”
Gina Deeming
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online, 2021
“You don't have to be in Santa Monica for the USM energy to be present. It Zoomed right out of cyberspace into my little study, which felt electric.”
Io Feigen Loechell, grad ’13
Story of You Workshop, 2020

For nearly 40 years, the University of Santa Monica has been at the frontier of experiential Soul-Centered education. In 2021, we are delighted to be serving again as lead facilitators for two beloved Programs‚ Soul-Centered Living I and Consciousness, Radiant Health & Healing—both online.

We invite you to join us in serving the courageous students who are coming forward from across the country and around the world to participate in USM Online. As you know, it is the nature of the Soul to Love and to Learn. The higher we ascend in Consciousness, the more our Souls wish to Serve, for it is in Service that the Soul is nourished and grows.

As a grad of USM’s Programs, you have also experienced first-hand the generosity of
the Volunteers who have assisted you during your journey of Awakening. We are deeply moved as we reflect upon all of the USM graduates who have served over the course of the last 40 years. Thank you for making our dream of offering Soul-Centered education a reality! Now you have the opportunity to not only experience the true magic of the USM Online classroom but also accelerate your own Awakening through serving.

We invite you to participate as one of the vital pillars of our community, providing the foundation of loving support so that USM students can continue receiving the Blessings and benefits of a USM education. By Serving, you truly are making a difference… to the students, to the USM Mission, and perhaps most importantly, to your own Soul.

Benefits of Serving at USM

  • Strengthening you in your Spiritual Awareness such that it becomes easier to remember you are a Divine Being having and using a human experience and to live within that context.
  • Partaking of the Blessings of Joy, Loving, and Deep Peace that are the natural by-products of Service.
  • Experiencing your own continuing Spiritual Awakening by participating within an organization and an energy field that are part of the evolutionary impulse actively moving on the planet at this time.
  • Integrating the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology at a deeper level while staying current with the latest information and inspiration coming through USM.
  • Uplifting and clearing yourself once a month by immersing yourself in the healing energy of USM.
  • Continuing to deepen your connection with Spirit and attunement with your Inner Counselor.
“I’ve loved assisting with the online format. There’s something truly magical about being able to support the class from the comfort of my home! It’s been an amazing way to learn and experience the transcendence of USM’s teachings—it doesn’t matter where we are, whether online or in person, the healing and learning are ever present. It’s also been a great opportunity to flex into new leadership skills and opportunities as we say ‘yes’ to what’s here and now.”
Maggie Munts, LM&SCL II ’19
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online Assistant, 2021
“Being an Assistant online was far more rewarding than I had imagined it could be! It was such a Gift, Blessing, and Surprise to discover the depth of connection with the other Assistants, the level of Spiritual Focus, and the deep communion and recognition with All of the Students. It was so intensely Spirit-driven, intensely focused Work and Service, and soooo incredibly Fun!!! What an honor and a privilege it was to serve so wholeheartedly. The Assisting space was a microcosm of the safe Space created in the online Classroom to Shine in Authentic Self-Expression and Service!!! Assisting is such a Soulful and Heart‑filling opportunity.”
John Chi, LM&SCL II ’19
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online Assistant, 2021
Spiritual Psychology: Ron & Mary on the Radio

Our Beloved Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick were recently interviewed by grad Tammi Baliszewski on her podcast Journey to Center. In the two powerful conversations, entitled the The Miracle of Spiritual Psychology and Clearing Fear, Claiming Peace, Ron & Mary share with the listeners about the pioneering body of work they created through the field of Spiritual Psychology and the transformative power of the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology.

Ron & Mary spoke to the Essence as to why waking up to the Spiritual Context matters. As Mary said, real fulfillment comes through the process of Awakening, in moving through life with an open Heart, the awareness of our Divinity, and the recognition that we’re here to heal and learn, as well as share our gifts. She further explained: “Consciousness is foundational to everything. As someone Awakens, they’ll only be more confident, more capable, and able to do whatever is heartfelt for them in a way that will bring greater mastery and meaning—not only to them, but to those they serve.”

Ron charged the audience with the assignment to go out in the world and for one day acknowledge that every human with whom their path crosses is another Divine Being having a human experience. Doing so can only help one Awaken into the Loving Essence.

Listen to both episodes below. 

The Miracle of Spiritual Psychology

clearing fear, claiming peace

PRINCIPLE 13: Your Spiritual Curriculum consists of unresolved issues as well as opportunities for Service, sharing your gifts, and living into your Heartfelt dreams.
What a welcomed opportunity it is to reflect on Spiritual Curriculum as described in the 13th Principle of Spiritual Psychology. I remember, years ago, the following words were spoken through me while talking with another USM student. At the time, I thought these words were meant for her, but it became abundantly clear that they were also meant for me. I needed to hear them just as much (if not more) than she did. Here they are… “Nothing falls outside of the Sacred.” The 13th Principle of Spiritual Psychology states: “Your Spiritual Curriculum consists of unresolved issues as well as opportunities for Service, sharing your gifts, and living into your Heartfelt dreams.” It’s all Spiritual Curriculum. It all serves Spiritual Purpose. Every part and particle of our existence, spanning from our upsets to our heartfelt dreams, is customized for our highest growth and learning. All of our experiences fall within the realm of the Sacred. But why? Why is this Earth School and our individual curriculum so Sacred? Ron & Mary answer that question so beautifully and so precisely with these words, “The essence of Soul-Centered living is Awakening into the Awareness of who we truly are and living our lives from within that Awakened state.” That’s the point and purpose of all that happens here. That’s what this Sacred Earth School was designed to facilitate. It’s also the essence of Soul-centered mastery, the embodiment of the highest of human competencies… to know ourselves as the Presence of Love and to live through and from that Sacred state. —Lori Richards, CHH ‘12

As you might imagine, this past Covid-centric year, with only one Program and one Workshop, has taken its toll on USM‘s finances. If it were not for the Endowment Fund built up over the years, USM would have had to close its doors and call it a day. As it is, we’ve had to prune our staff considerably and to put it simply—simplify.

The good news is that the fund-raising drive we began in November is proving to be very indicative of support from within the USM community. Specifically, I committed to raising a minimum of $500,000 in support of the current budget. Since this includes funds for scholarship assistance, the more funds received, the more prospective students can be supported. It turns out this is more important than ever since, in addition to our usual student population from across the US, we currently have students applying to the soon-to-launch online Soul-Centered Living I Program from the following countries: Qatar, the UAE, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Venezuela, Ireland, Switzerland, England, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, and Brazil. Wow! What a lineup!

Fundraiser thermometer

I am pleased to report that we have surpassed our goal and currently on our way towards our new goal of $750,000. Obviously, the more we raise, the more we can:

  • Support more students in enrolling in the new Online Program, and
  • Begin replenishing our Endowment Fund.

To those of you who have already donated to USM at this time, we say, “Thank you!” And to those of you who have been waiting for this report, or simply haven’t been aware of the current situation, we say, “Please join us.” And, if you’d like to speak with me personally about your contribution, please write to me at [email protected] and let’s talk.

On Sunday, February 7, 2021, USM Staff met together (some in-person—wearing masks and socially distant—and some online via Zoom) at the University of Santa Monica Center for a sweet and poignant final ceremony Blessing the building that has been the University’s Temple Home for the past 40 years. When Ron and Mary first learned the University of Santa Monica Center building was going to be sold, there was shock, sadness, and, of course, the opportunity to release attachment. A trusted friend upon learning the news and witnessing the sadness said to Mary: “Tie a golden bow around the past…and turn and dream the future.” So former staff member Peggy Bularz had prepared beautiful bows of golden ribbon symbolizing the happy golden years of service and Soul-Centered education that began in January 1981 when Ron and Mary moved to California to breathe life into the school.

Ron & Mary shared Blessings of Gratitude for all those who have participated in the University at this location and for all the beautiful experiences of Loving, Joy, and Healing Grace that have been shared in this sacred space as they tied the golden bows on the double glass Reception doors and the door of the Executive Suite on the second floor. The final bow was tied on the entrance door on 21st Street as Ron and Mary exited the building. The completion is truly a celebration of the goodness of what was and a celebration of the new opportunities present to continue this work of the Spiritual Heart!


Dreaming the future has been a part of the University’s curriculum from the beginning: Ideal Scenes, Living Visions, Vision Boards, etc. Ron & Mary along with the Board, Staff, and Community are holding the vision of the University’s Mission made manifest: Communicating the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology Worldwide through the process of Soul-Centered Education. The University of Santa Monica Online is now a reality given the great success experienced with offering Life-Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II, including a three-day Practicum. What a transformation and what a Spirit-inspired triumph!

Beginning March 20 students from across this country and 13 other countries representing 6 continents will gather in the Online classroom participating in the Blessings of the 10-Month Certificate Program in Spiritual PsychologySoul-Centered Living I. Ron & Mary are also co-facilitating Consciousness, Radiant Health & Healing: A Portal to Grace—A 10-Month Certificate Program in Advanced Spiritual Psychology Online for grads. The work continues… supported by the Light of Living Love and the Love of the Community. All of us at University of Santa Monica are excited, enlivened by the opportunities, and deeply Grateful!

Join us for a year to remember!

Please share your own photos, stories, and memories of your experiences in the University of Santa Monica Center at 2107 Wilshire Boulevard.
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