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september/october 2021

With great Joy in our Hearts, we are so enthused to share with you that the Soul-Centered Living I Online 10-month Program, which debuted in 2021, is now again open for enrollment. Class begins on March 5, 2022!

We are currently more than halfway through the school year with the current Soul-Centered Living I (SCL I) class. It’s such a gift to meet with people from around the world one weekend plus one evening every month. The 2021 class is extraordinary with over 200 students and 18 countries represented: UAE, Qatar, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil, as well as across the United States. The Heart of USM is forever expanded by the participants from around the world who are now able to join the USM classroom due to the online format.

USM’s Soul-Centered education on a worldwide scale has officially taken flight with an ever-expanding reach!

As Ron and I experience and as students affirm, the transmission of the Loving is as palpable as ever. Spirit continues to be at work in the USM classroom in amazing and wondrous ways that touch our Hearts and inspire us to carry on! ♥ Never has the need on the planet for this work been greater and never have the opportunities for deep Healing and revelation of the majesty of the Authentic Self been more available.

As one SCL I student enrolled in the current class shares:

I wanted to lovingly share that I adore the digital platform and if I were actually given a choice to do the program in-person in Santa Monica or online, I would most likely choose online!

“It is such a gift to intimately connect with a global community in this USM cohort. I didn’t expect to be so deeply touched by how special it would feel to communicate and connect from the heart with people from so many different countries. It is also quite convenient for me being a mother of two young children to not travel away from my family every month for the program, but at the same time to really give myself space three days every month to drop in and focus. The Tech Team is so wonderful, I truly feel like I am in a classroom and there are always people to help with any tech questions I have. The privacy and quietude of being in a Zoom room with my trios I prefer to doing trios in a classroom full of people.

“Lastly, of course, it is such a gift to get to study directly from Ron & Mary. There are so many benefits to the online program I hope it continues beyond the current events.

It’s a Joy and Blessing to serve those that are coming forward to do this work at such an important time given the evolution of consciousness that is taking place on the planet. Throughout the year, we have been called to redesign the Program in attuning to the students’ level of consciousness along with Awareness of the greater Awakening that is unfolding during this time of significant planetary change. Our experience of the 2021 SCL I online class has been both inspiring and humbling. The students’ open-hearted sharing, enthusiasm for the trio processes, receptivity to the Spirit of Love infusing the entire experience, and readiness to do the work brings tears to our eyes as we reflect on our time with the class.

We are deeply Grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve, sharing the life-changing Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology. Through the years it has been apparent to us that each class stands on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Our Heartfelt Gratitude to all University of Santa Monica alumni. You are the Heart of University of Santa Monica and Ambassadors of this work!

If you know someone who may be interested in this world-renowned educational process known to transform consciousness and transform lives, and now easier to join than ever in the online format, encourage them to take a look at the web page and to speak with Eliza Swords, USM’s Admissions Advisor. You can schedule a conversation here.

And if you’re called to audit, please do the same. Know you’re always welcome here at University of Santa Monica!

♥ With Blessings of Loving, Light, Heartfelt Gratitude,

Ron & Mary signature

“This is life changing and life giving.”
Demi Moore
Current Student
Consciousness, Radiant Health & Healing
“Do it. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Would you rather experience the greatest life, the greatest love, the greatest self that you are … now or later?”
Eric Matthew Lumiere
Current Student, Audit
Soul-Centered Living I
“If you are called to transform your life this is the place for you. The USM principles are the handbook to living and loving fully that you always wished you had. There is great love for you here and inside of yourself. Show up with courage and commitment and Ron & Mary will teach you tools that you will use for the rest of your life. You will not recognize yourself at the end of your USM journey, or perhaps I should say, you may see yourself for the first time and it will be a beautiful day.”
Alexandra DeFurio
Soul-Centered Living I, 2019
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online, 2021

A truly expansive time, 2020 brought great change at USM, including moving from the University of Santa Monica Center and transitioning all of USM’s classes into an entirely virtual format.

One of the most Sacred features of 2107 Wilshire Boulevard, the University’s Beloved Temple Home for nearly 40 years, was the Spirit of Wisdom displayed on USM’s patio. This iconic bronze sculpture, a graceful symbol of Hope, Love, and Tenderness, inspired the Hearts of countless students as they received of its Beauty and timeless Inspiration while at the USM Center.

Read more below to learn about the history of the unique Spirit of Wisdom piece and an exciting update on its new location in Los Angeles.

The Story of the Spirit of Wisdom’s Journey to USM’s Temple Home

In the early 2000s, Ron & Mary were often in the desert for USM’s Practicums. During their time in the area, they would enjoy frequenting the CODA Gallery in Palm Desert, CA.

One day on a visit, they stepped into a room at the gallery filled with sculptures by the artist John Kennedy. Upon first sight of his Spirit of Wisdom sculpture, Mary was completely taken with it. As she recounts, she was observing it for some time when she sensed that someone was behind her and turned to see a man looking at her. She had an immediate Inner Knowing that he was the sculptor. Seeing a folio nearby of his work, Mary reached for it, and before she could turn it over, John walked towards her affirming, “It’s me,” adding, “You don’t know what it’s like for an artist to see someone fully receiving your work.”

Knowing Ron & Mary loved the piece, John made arrangements for them to purchase the sculpture. Soon after, while Ron & Mary were at Asilomar in northern California for the Living in Grace Retreat, they were visiting with John-Roger, USM’s Founder and Chancellor. While walking out of the dining area into the Registration Hall altogether, Ron & Mary described the Spirit of Wisdom sculpture to John-Roger and showed him a picture. John-Roger responded by immediately taking a roll of $100 bills out of his pocket. Without counting it, he handed it to Ron & Mary, proclaiming, “Here’s my seed money.” Ron & Mary believe the sum was around $3,000 altogether. Following John-Roger’s generous donation, it didn’t take long for other donors to follow suit with their own contributions. Soon enough, USM was able to purchase the Spirit of Wisdom as its very own.

Spirit of Wisdom—Standing Tall,
A Beacon of Peace, Healing & Hope for the USM Community

It could be said John Kennedy’s sculptures are most characterized by their quality of Peace and Joy. In John’s own description of the Spirit of Wisdom sculpture, he wrote, “I wanted this sculpture to show the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next; consequently, I designed it so that water would cascade from the mother’s hands down onto the child’s hands. They stand together on top of a globe to reflect the fact that children all around the world need our care and attention.”

In describing his work of abstract figures, which are devoid of facial features yet powerfully communicate the range and depth of human emotions, John is quoted as saying, “You can tell so much from a figure’s body language. Even the tilt of the head shows a particular mood or emotion. In this way, the body is a vehicle for the expression of the spirit.”

John’s engaging public works of art are installed from throughout the United States to various locations throughout Europe. According to art critics, his distinctive collection of bronze figures impel us “to both touch them and be touched by them.”

USM History

Ron & Mary created the USM courtyard in order to surround the sculpture, which was installed at the building in 2002. The Spirit of Wisdom was situated in a particular way so it could always be seen from the sidewalk through a window and down a hall leading onto a patio. John, who passed away in 2004, also came to the University himself to see the sculpture installation.

In looking at the symbology of the USM Logo, the Spirit of Wisdom is also referenced, with the Top Circle named after it. The Bottom Circle is Understanding, the Center Circle is Knowledge, and the Large Outer Circle that encompasses them all is Light of Knowing.

As part of a Special Graduation celebration for the Class of 2002, John-Roger, gave a seminar on Saturday evening for grads, current students, staff, and faculty titled, “What is a Spiritual Psychology?” During that event, John-Roger also placed a Blessing on the Spirit of Wisdom.  
It reads:

“Lord of the Universe, please bring that manifestation of abundance and prosperity to those recipients who are funding the University, who are bringing forward the glory of life and love and joy and laughter, who are showing us the purpose for being on this planet that we may love each other, that we may obey, that we may surrender into the loving of our own soul.  Amen.  So Be It.”

A New Home for the Spirit of Wisdom

On June 24, 2021, the Spirit of Wisdom, now fully refurbished, was officially installed at its new location, the Be Hive of Healing in Agoura Hills, CA, founded by Drs. Habib Sadeghi and Sherry Sami, both graduates of USM. The Beloved sculpture that uplifted so many at the USM building will surely continue serving as a symbol of Peace and Healing to all who frequent the Sadeghi’s acclaimed holistic wellness center.

We invite you to please stop by the Be Hive of Healing Center if you would like to visit the sculpture in-person. We thank John Kennedy for creating the Spirit of Wisdom and for all of the ways it has touched our Hearts and blessed and served the University of Santa Monica Community for so many years. We are eternally grateful and may the tender caring Essence that the Spirit of Wisdom so fully embodies live on forever more in our Hearts.

 A sweet energy of Divine Loving was present during Tuesday’s USM Worldwide Community Gathering attended by over 350 grads and newcomers to the University.

The topic of the evening was Challenging Times: Spiritual Opportunities for Awakening Unto Love. Ron & Mary opened the evening with a beautiful process that posed the questions:

How can we experientially AWAKEN into the Awareness of our Essential Loving Nature? How can we find our way through the morass of conditioned beliefs and unhealed memories that perpetuate the mental anguish and emotional suffering perpetuating the illusion of separation? What is the way out?

The handout (available here on the Replay page) provided opportunities to explore these questions from the vantage point of five common challenges with keys that can become Practices for lifting out of these challenges, calling upon foundational tenets of Spiritual Psychology.

The evening’s sharing was filled with appreciation for USM from longtime grads and newcomers interested in the Healing and transformational Blessings of Spiritual Psychology they’ve witness in loved ones. Such topics emerged as Heartfelt sharing about children, life purpose and honoring the calling of one’s Heart, Healing of Memories, and even USM as Spiritual Matchmaker. As such, we were visited by a couple who recognized USM on one another‘s LinkedIn pages, and there they were with their angelic 2-month-old baby girl. There was also a bubbling energy from the Australian community—many of whom reached out to a woman who has always wanted to attend a USM Program. We look forward to hearing about the new connections sure to be formed down under!

The next Gathering will take place on Tuesday, October 5. More information is to come, and you can already reserve your seat at the link below. It will again be open to everyone—grads and newcomers alike—and we will explore how we can utilize the tools and practices of Spiritual Psychology such that they assist us to participate in our own lives in sustainable, practical, and Heart-opening ways. We are so happy to continue gathering and receiving the Blessings and revelations that Spirit has for us.

Save the Date


USM Worldwide Community Gathering

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 | 6–8 p.m. PDT

“Coming into Loving Resonance results in a depth and fullness, richness and beauty, meaning and purpose in your experience in everyday life. It opens a doorway to communion with the Divine.”

—Ron & Mary Hulnick
Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living

In the Classroom: Spiritual Psychology students

During a Psychosynthesis process, Tamere was surprised to meet a very young version of herself on her first day of elementary school—complete with pigtails, navy blue jumpsuit, and a Scooby-Doo book bag—who guided 28-year-old Tamere in a multi-dimensional journey of healing. From there she visited the Black Panther original headquarters where she consulted with Huey B. Newton asking, “Am I good enough? Will I be able to actually continue this fight?” The exchange assisted in affirming the greatness already within her. 

Sharing after one of his very favorite processes at USM, Don speaks of a pattern of minimizing confrontation that he has long been aware of. He shares with crystal clarity the sneaky ways it has served him up until now, wonderful ideas for breaking the pattern, and a path toward trusting his own inner wisdom and intuition. 

Michelle White shares a dream that emerged while recently camping with her husband which features none other than our beloved Ron & Mary! (Available for dreams when they’re not in the Classroom. 😉⭐️) The dream is a beautiful reminder of the path of Awakening both as an individual and in partnership, and how those paths may differ and diverge, yet they can co-exist in harmony. 

Michelle’s dream also inspired a most gorgeous poem on the topic of relationships, the Blessings of which we are honored to share with all of you. Enjoy!!

Strength, Beauty, Courage, Compassion, Hope, Joy, Talent, Imagination, Reverence, Wisdom, Love, and Faith

These are “The Twelve Gifts” that author Charlene Costanzo explores and extols in the books she writes. Eight have been published so far and many have won awards, from her bestselling first book The Twelve Gifts of Birth to this latest which recently won The Silver Medal in Non-Fiction Environmental Category in Readers’ Favorite Contest, among others.

In The Twelve Gifts From the Garden—part garden, part spiritual memoir, part ode to nature book—Charlene shows how nature demonstrates each of The Twelve Gifts. She draws upon the experiences she has had visiting Sanibel Island, a nature sanctuary off the Southwest coast of Florida, over the past 40 years, and from staying in a simple resort within a lush garden.

During a tropical storm. In the aftermath of chemotherapy. Amid marital discord. These are among the times Charlene found comfort, joy, hope, healing, and meaning there.

Charlene shares, “For me, being in nature is a lot like sitting in a trio during a USM class weekend. Nature takes me as I am and gently leads me to better see such things as the beauty of self-forgiveness and the wisdom of accepting people as they are,” says Charlene. “I hope that my stories stir the inherent gifts in readers and lead them to their own wondrous insights and ah-ha understandings.”

The US Review of Books, states: “Costanzo’s garden meditations are poignantly personal, recalling her struggles with illness and her love of beauty. Her work is gratifyingly universal in its appeal. She uses her talents to combine widespread wisdom with her evident faith that the joy of reverencing nature and imagining its hidden strengths can lend courage, compassion, and hope to those willing to look and learn.”

You can learn more about Charlene and her work at her website:  CharleneCostanzo.com

Charlene graduated with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology in 2009.


How you relate to an issue is the issue, or How you relate with yourself while you go through an issue is the issue.

Principle 25 has been a game-changer in my life, and it comes up all the time. I like to take it in its two parts—First “How you relate to the issue is the issue.”

This part directly relates to the lens through which we see the world based on our own paradigms, our personal history, and our interpretations of the events of our lives.

As I started to realize through this that every issue really is neutral, my ability to reside in my higher self and have altitude over the situation allowed me to do the deeper inquiry about where my perspective is coming from. That’s where the goldmine is. And then I ask myself if my interpretation is even true.

The second part—How I relate to myself as I go through the issue—provides a beautiful opportunity for healing. In 2016 I thought I had healed certain issues and would become disappointed when upsets continued to arise. I realized I was falling into a trap and that’s when the biggest shift occurred—I became able to drop in and have so much compassion for every part of myself, even the parts I “should” have healed by now. ”All of me is welcome“ is a refrain for me when I feel something come up. In this, I can let go of any shame, misbeliefs, and parts that have been hiding. When I’m able to welcome those parts, too, something miraculous happens and true transformation occurs. And I can just keep loving on it all… What a gift!!!

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