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Golden Moments … Inspiring Loyalty to Your Soul

Ron and I have watched some of this season’s popular America’s Got Talent (AGT). Why do we watch this program? What is it we find engaging and inspiring? We love experiencing the magical performances that receive the golden buzzer from one of the AGT judges. The golden buzzer is preceded by a contestant sharing their talent with Heart… Aliveness… Joy… “all in,” wholehearted and masterfully sharing their gift. The Essence of the person shines through. Some of the performers are singing their Soul song—Spirit is singing or playing through them. Goosebumps… one of our friends refers to these as God bumps.

Receiving the golden buzzer is truly a golden moment! The contestant is showered with thousands of pieces of gold paper raining down upon them. What an extraordinary life-affirming experience! Positive acknowledgement and reinforcement on steroids.

You can consider Golden Buzzer Moments as the outer representation of an inner experience we know as Soul Moments—an experience of being filled with golden Light… flooded with the power of Divine Love… experientially knowing your Essential Loving Nature… knowing your Goodness Godness… your worthiness. Receiving the Blessings of these powerful inner experiences, about who and what you truly are, are life changing. No more sleepwalking… “misunderstanding all you see…” as John Lennon penned. You know you are a Divine Being having and using a human experience for Awakening into the Awareness of Love… remembering your Essential Loving Nature and living what it means to you to be Loyal to Your Soul.

These kinds of moments are truly magical as they touch the place inside that already knows you are Divine… they support you in Remembering that which you already know! Imagine a school where the most foundational intentions are providing a Soul-Centered education that supports the students and graduates in using the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology to experience the higher perspective of living a life—your life—in ways that are an expression of your Essential Loving Nature… and Loyalty to Your Soul. Imagine a school where education truly is focused on educare—to bring forward the truth of your Being from within you. USM is such a school.

Some years ago Neale Donald Walsch spoke at a University of Santa Monica graduation to a standing-room-only crowd in Royce Hall, and when he took the stage, he turned and looked at the large banner behind him and said, “USM… that stands for University of Soul Moments!” 

Neale shared in conversations with us that he always knew when a USM student walked into the room due to the power of their Presence, as they so naturally stand in the Beauty and Majesty of their Authentic Self.

Neale Donald Walsch with Ron & Mary Hulnick under a USM University of Santa Monica Banner at Spiritual Psychology graduation

For some weeks now, we’ve been in a focused process of refining and redesigning the upcoming Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop for a worldwide online audience. It is a wonderfully eye- and heart-opening process to revisit the Principles of Spiritual Psychology and the Soul-Centered Basic Skills that are foundational to this work! The Workshop is revealing itself to be an even clearer vehicle and extraordinary opportunity for experiencing what it means to Awaken from Spiritual amnesia and live in the Remembrance of your Spiritual Nature.

The Spiritual Context is both elevating and infinitely practical. What you’ll experience in the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop can be used every single day to enhance the quality of your life. And… you never know when you’ll experience your very own “Golden Buzzer” Moments! Soul Moments are ever present and available in infinite supply to each of us. 

Come join us for three days to remember!   

Loyalty to Your Soul Online: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology | A Three-Day Workshop September 9–11, 2022

Good News!

For those of you who register by the end of Friday, September 2, you will receive a beautiful downloadable meditation—Flooding With Loving—by Mary Hulnick herself!

As we prepare for the upcoming Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop, we were inspired to share a story with you about one of our amazing Grads and the ways in which the foundational skills from this Workshop transformed his life leaving him open to receiving miracles that ultimately saved his life.

In 2012 Ravi Bhojwani was nearing the end of his rope. After achieving what looked like a dream come true of building and selling his business, their biggest customer responsible for 30% of their business walked away due to a rift between them and the new owners. Achieving their goals and receiving their payout suddenly appeared impossible. It felt like the dream was crumbling all around him. 

It was at this point that Ravi remembered a book his cousin from Dubai had gifted him based on the teachings from the school she was attending in Santa Monica. He had seen so much transformation in her after reading it, he decided to take himself on a retreat and dive in. This book was Loyalty to Your Soul by the one and only Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick.

“I delved deeply into the book, reading it word by word. I wrote notes on it and did all the exercises. I don’t think anything has ever rung more true to me than this content.”

After this Ravi continued to absorb the teachings from Loyalty to Your Soul, applying the skills to other specific areas in his life. Using the skills from the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop, Ravi found his life was transformed just as he had seen his cousin’s a few years earlier.

“After working on a particular situation that had bothered me for a long time, I was able to completely release the situation as well as the judgments around it. I experienced an incredible amount of inner peace and freedom at this point. However, the most shocking part of it was that the external situation also shifted completely. This was my first real witnessing of how outer reality is truly a reflection of our inner experience. This was the most empowering concept I had ever learned.”

Even though he had experienced a major shift in his world, Ravi soon became acutely aware of one of USM’s Principles—Principle #11: Awakening is a process, not an event. After seeing his outer life shift due to inner transformation, Ravi’s business was once again booming. However, he began slipping into old workaholic patterns and ended up in the hospital in septic shock, his whole body shutting down. Thankfully his mother and brother were able to be with him. He made it through the night, but when he woke up the next morning, drained beyond belief, the first thing he wanted to do was work.

After his doctor gave him a very stern talking to, one thing led to another and Ravi, who had been living in Hong Kong, was invited to stay with his cousin in Venice Beach. It was at this moment that Ravi heard the spiritual whisper that would ultimately save his life—Move to LA and attend USM! And this is exactly what he did.

Newly moved, Ravi was still navigating his new and life-threatening illness and searching all over the greater Los Angeles area for the right doctor, but when he found the perfect match, he learned that the doctor had a nine-month waiting list! Thanks to the work he had been doing at USM, Ravi was able to journey through a very scary emotional landscape and release his fears to Spirit.

“I ended up having a very deep, authentic, and emotional (I cried my eyes out) conversation with Spirit. I was angry. I had followed what I believed was my Soul’s Journey and I wasn’t even provided with a doctor! I spoke out loud everything I felt and let it all go. The next morning, the doctor’s office called and even though my requested doctor was away from the office for a week, they arranged for labs right away and took care of all my immediate needs. And if that wasn’t enough, the doctor called me from New York that night assuring me that he would fully take care of me. He gave me his mobile and home phone numbers and told me I could reach him any time. One day after my authentic conversation, I had the most amazing medical team that anyone could ask for.”

Of course, getting the miracle medical team was only the beginning as Ravi was taken down the path of needing dialysis and eventually a new kidney. Using his skills from USM, he truly juiced his circumstances for all they were worth!

“A lot of my health issues occurred due to my need to try to control everything as opposed to letting go and allowing. The process of requesting a kidney was the same. How could I allow a family to give me their kidney? I brought this up in one of my USM classes and I remember Ron’s words so clearly. He asked me how I knew best. What if one of the donors were destined to donate their kidney to me and I didn’t allow it? This conversation hit home, and I worked really hard on releasing control and allowing. Several months later it happened; the perfect person came forward and it beautifully flowed from there.”

Not only has Ravi gone on to thrive in his own life but he has become a beloved member of USM’s volunteer family assisting for the class weekends from all over the world! In fact, this year he and his cousin who had gifted him the book in the first place are serving on the same assisting team! Also, he is so in love with the curriculum of the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop—the curriculum that started it all for him—that he has decided to join that assisting team, too!

“USM has created the technology that allows you to shift your perspective from victim mentality to one that knows you are safe and that this human experience is simply a school to learn and grow in. This work is where we learn how to view life as a school and issues as opportunities. Wouldn’t you like to clear those limiting beliefs that might be holding you back … to release the master addiction of control and live a Soul-Centered Life? I attended the most recent LTYS Workshop in 2019, and the amount and depth of teachings packed into just three days was absolutely incredible! You have all my love and encouragement to do the same!”

In the Classroom: Spiritual Psychology students

Skyler shares her tremendous gratitude with Ron & Mary for a depthful healing of intergenerational patterns under Grace as she clears a huge boulder, opens herself to her own nurturing, and receives the Blessing of her own bright sparkle!

Natasha asks about her heartfelt intention to apply Spiritual Psychology Principle #26, Healing is the application of Loving to the parts inside that hurt … , in service to accessing her Joy. Watch this beautiful exchange with Ron & Mary which leads to the doorway of Joy.

Spiritual Psychology: Ron & Mary on the Radio

malika lee’s FEELGOOD PODCAST:
Partners In Purpose

Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick recently had a beautiful conversation with USM Grad Malika Lee on her FEELGOOD PodcastMalika Lee asks Ron & Mary personal and insightful questions about their partnership and their lives. We hear stories from the very beginning—how their relationship informs their work in the world and how it supported them in creating their life’s work. 

Malika writes: For over 40 years, husband and wife Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick have worked together as Founding Faculty of the University of Santa Monica, which teaches programs in Spiritual Psychology. In our conversation, we discuss their individual and later collective path to fulfilling their purpose(s), whether they think they’re soulmates, how to find your people, and what they attribute to having a thriving partnership in both work and marriage.

For over 20 years Malika Lee has and continues to be a seeker and student of Transformation & Self-Actualization. In addition, she is a Soul Consultant, Facilitator of Freedom and Fulfillment, Public Speaker, and Creative who has made it her mission to LIVE WELL and aims to support others in doing the same. Learn more about Malika and her podcast here


An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs your Peace.

Sharon Ackerman shared with us that she loves and appreciates all of the Principles and is deeply grateful for the wisdom she has gleaned from the teachings at USM. Currently, she’s lasering in on Principle #14, which is supporting her in deepening in the work and her consciousness.

“My clear intention to fully embrace the learning and evolution available and to deeply and fully experience the healing for the Highest good of all is a precious prayer that is serving my Self, my family, financial freedom, and opportunities for growing in Service and Leadership.

“Utilizing Principle 14 as a clear focus provides me with deep inner Presence, stability, and Grace as I work my process and trust God ever-more fully along the way. It also helps me discern what is for me to manage and what I can let go. And sincerely, the awareness of ‘letting go and letting God’ has been profoundly liberating.”

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