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march 2023


During our Covid confinement when we received guidance that we would not be offering the First Year—Soul-Centered Living I—it was so clear and not to be deflected, questioned, or refuted. We have learned not to argue with Spirit. As Byron Katie said in a different context, “You lose but only 100% of the time.”

And, of course, the question became, “Well, if not this, Spirit, how would you have us serve?” I (Mary) received guidance for Forgiveness in Four-Part Harmony: A Weekend of Revelation, Joy, Liberation, and Remembrance. In addition, given that we were called to offer something for new people, the refined and upleveled Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop was an obvious answer. It was so well received last September!

But then what? January was about recovering from Covid, and February’s focus was preparing for the Second Year—Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II—Practicum, which evolved into four days focusing on Miracles of Healing Grace. Witnessing the students bring forward clear and powerful Ascending Intentions and deeply working their process was inspiring.

We have continued holding the question, “What now?” in the Light. Ron has been inspired for some time to bring forward a two-day event for grads called In God’s Living Room and is very excited to share the evolution of the five-line model and the subsequent shift in perspective that is a gateway to Grace. Stay tuned for more information about this Spirit-inspired offering.

Last night when I (Mary) was sitting on the couch with Isabella, suddenly I heard the words Inner Gold. Naturally, this got my attention and the bones of this offering were made clear to me. It is a new offering for grads, and we will turn our attention to developing it once preparations for the Forgiveness Workshop are complete. I’m very excited about this offering as it is definitely intended as another level of this work.

In addition, around the holidays, I had received creative inspiration about a 10- or 12-month offering for Grads called The Journey of the Soul. Just the name brings tears to my eyes. There is something so sweet and Sacred about the opportunities inherent in such an offering.

So as you can see, there is plenty of creative inspiration and energy moving here. As to how the universe intends for USM to continue offering the work of Spiritual Psychology to new people in this time of the Greater Awakening, that remains to be seen. A few ideas have been presented and are gestating.

You are this University! As J-R said in the Blessing he placed on USM when he was installed as Chancellor, in 1989:

Lord God,
as you’ve always heard me,
as you’ve always talked to me,
see if you can see it clear
to talk to the hearts
of these who are your people
that are choosing you.
Sustain them in what they plant.
Let them reap the harvest.
Let them have the abundance,
and prosperity and riches,
the health, wealth, and happiness,
the loving and the caring,
but mostly, Lord,
let them involve themselves
in the sharing.
Baruch Bashan

Holding the University, the team, and us in the Light at this time is greatly appreciated and your gifts of financial support are also welcome and appreciated during this time of making the most of the golden opportunities at hand.

With Blessings of Light and Loving,

Ron & Mary signature

Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick

Talk about Holy Wow! For those of you who haven’t heard, the Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II: A Gateway to Freedom Four-Day Practicum was off the charts! It truly was four days filled with Miracles of Healing Grace and made it abundantly clear that the USM education is as alive and impactful as ever!

Seeing the word cloud that was generated from the student feedback took our breath away and reminded me of the profound gift that is the USM education. As a Grad of this Program, I’m deeply moved by how powerful the Online Classroom is and by the levels of willingness, openness, courage, and commitment demonstrated by students showing up to take advantage of it.

Practicum 2023 Word Cloud

I am reminded that these skills are perishable and that with our learning orientation to life, it is ALWAYS a good time to return to the USM love field to refresh and heal anything that is ready to be healed. 

Please enjoy these testimonials below from this amazing Practicum and consider returning to the classroom for one of USM’s upcoming workshops!

  • “USM showed me how to plug into the Higher Power and live my life in the spiritual context. It has brought love back in my relationships and beauty in everything I see. I know now that I’ve always been guided by a Higher Power.”
    —Rabya Khan
  • “This will be work you will take with you not only through your life but also through your next lives. Trust it. Give yourself this gift.”
    —Patrick Hilgart
  • “It’s hard to put into words what USM’s Soul-Centered experiential education has given me… because there are no words for it. The things I’ve achieved from this work have changed my life in ways I never thought imaginable, and it’s given me the tools necessary to handle literally ANYthing that comes my way. I can think of no better curriculum for achieving one’s greatest hopes and desires than what USM offers. I wish every person on this planet would try it at least once (consider it an experiment!).”
    —Ali Boone
  • “It’s so hard to put into words, even as a writer. Life-changing’ just doesn’t cut it. When I describe it to my friends I basically say, ‘I’m working on clearing everything that disturbs my peace. And now, very little disturbs my peace.’ Who doesn’t want that?”
    —Chad Jeremy Rea

I love you and can’t wait to see you soon… in the Online Classroom! 

Eliza Swords

In the Classroom: Spiritual Psychology students

Sarah’s share is a glorious expression of the beautiful work in consciousness she has done. Watch as she forgives any part of her that wishes she had woken up sooner, and then share in the Majesty of her beginning to allow herself to expand “into the infinite abundance of Joy.”

Angel shares how divinely orchestrated a trio can be; the beauty of sharing the Essence of Healing, Growth, and Awakening with others—to the point of being born again as trio “triplets.”

Patti’s share is a delightful expression of experiencing Spirit through numbers, hair color, and so much more!

The inspiration of a Grad weekend focusing on Forgiveness came unbidden as Ron and I were resting and restoring ourselves to health and well-being during our January Covid experience. As Spirit hit the pause button… which became a reset button… I entered a time of reflection and deep listening in the Silence… and clearing.

Spirit brought to my Awareness that there are even more dimensions to the practice of Forgiveness for myself… and likely for all of us… even more profound levels of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, Liberation, and Grace available… Thus Forgiveness in Four-Part Harmony: A Weekend of Revelation, Joy, Liberation, and Remembrance began emerging within my consciousness. The copy came through as a download.

I am asking myself questions like:  What does it mean to truly live in the Eternal Wellspring of Love that nourishes your Heart and Soul? How do we lift the veil of forgetfulness and let go of Spiritual amnesia, experiencing Revelation, Joy, Liberation, and Remembrance?

As we prepare for the Workshop, I’m learning so much more about Forgiveness. John-Roger said, “Forgiveness is the key to the Kingdom,” and “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” I’m learning ever more fully, Forgiveness is a portal to Grace… the Blessings of Higher Consciousness.

Let’s come together in the Healing, regeneration, and revelational power of the University of Santa Monica energy field with fellow Grads diving deeper into the practice of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness. What fiction-based story cobbled together with judgments, misunderstandings, and misidentifications manifesting in habituated patterns of living (perhaps even now unknown to you) would you like to release? Do you grow weary of the repetitious merry-go-round of your patterning? Are you yearning for Freedom… Liberation… Grace?

I invite you to consider your Sacred Contract… what you came to the Earth School to experience and learn… What is your intention now? Mine is Awakening from Spiritual Amnesia… Living Awake to Love… Aware… Seeing through God’s eyes, Hearing through God’s ears… and Loving as God loves… Unconditional Love. This or something better for the Highest Good.

We are very much looking forward to sharing the experience with those of you called to join us for this Sacred and Joyful experience. You’re invited!

With Blessings of Infinite Loving, Light, and Grace,
Mary signature

The excitement is building and the energy is flowing for the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop! Holly and I are having beautiful conversations with students who are so excited to participate in the Workshop that they’re registering on the spot! We are also delighted to see partners, siblings, friends, children, and parents of our Grads registering! In fact, just this morning I received this text message from one of our first students who registered for the upcoming Workshop—“I can hardly wait for May!!!” Naturally I responded, “Neither can I! And it’s going to be INCREDIBLE!”

But don’t take it from me, take it from these students who had the time of their lives last September when they participated in the newly refined and powerful three days of this world-renowned Workshop!

  • “The material is so powerful that after three short days you can learn how to embody the love that has the power to change the world.
    —Kathy Ziegler
  • “Possibly the most precious gift one could give themself. One weekend to reclaim my soul’s journey at this time in my life… exquisitely beautiful.”
    —Danielle Brown
  • “I attended a Tony Robbins zoom online seminar earlier this year and while it was really good, it wasn’t this. This had soooooo much more to offer because of the personalized attention with the trios.”
    —Michael Zellner
  • “Loyalty to Your Soul is the most transformational workshop I have ever taken. I changed my life with this workshop.”
    —Olga Munari
  • “There is a whole world that you can open yourself up to—one of healing, freedom, and love. If you choose to enter it, your mind will be blown away.”
    —Taylor Fisher

The Loyalty to Your Soul three-day Workshop is designed to provide participants with a foundational experience of the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology, as developed and taught by Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick of the University of Santa Monica, the Worldwide Center for the Study and Practice of Spiritual Psychology®, to more than 6,500 graduates over the past 40 years.

Books by USM Grads, Spiritual Psychology Graduates

The USM Grad community consistently amazes us. Students at the University of Santa Monica are adults with diverse cultural and varied educational, professional, and personal backgrounds.

This educational process at USM results in graduates who are experiencing greater connection with the authenticity of who they are, their life purpose, and enhanced levels of success and fulfillment. This empowers them to make a more meaningful contribution in their world. Some of those contributions are in the form of books!

For this Newsletter, we’re delighted to feature two authors who have stayed deeply connected to USM. Read below for a highlight on how they have used their USM education and the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology in their own lives and through their writing. 

Edie Dearing

Inspiring Kindness and Connection to the Power Within

As a little girl, I felt I could sense my spirituality but it seemed to be in direct conflict with “fitting in” with the “real” world and its expectations of me. At that time, I hadn’t yet found a way to share and further cultivate my spirituality. So I ended up heavily buying into egoism and thought it was the path to happiness. I got to a point where I “had it all,” and yet I was still not happy. I started realizing that no amount of achievement or self-improvement of any kind was going to translate into happiness, and simultaneously, the life I had built was quickly falling apart.

Then I attended an Information Evening at University of Santa Monica. I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend their Program because Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick seemed too good to be true! I had been so far from being able to see or experience goodness that it was challenging for me to believe it genuinely existed. However, USM was referred to me by someone who had already helped me tremendously in my life, so I decided to register. 

USM quickly became my home. It brought awareness and knowledge to my inherent spirituality, but what I felt was unique to the USM education was that it didn’t ignore the truths of what we experience in the “real world.” In other words, USM provides a spiritual education AND it provides an understanding of how to APPLY this education to actual circumstances. So many can claim to teach “spirituality” but what good is it if you can’t benefit from it? 

The learnings at USM and the genius behind the beautiful curriculum that Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick created and so lovingly implement are beyond words for me. In short—it’s Magical.

I felt it would be great if I could translate some of these concepts for kids, and I hope the children’s book I wrote is just the start!

Emilio Diez Barroso

Freedom is Closer Than You Think

USM supported me in taking full responsibility for my life and addressing some of the core misunderstandings I was operating from. In the book I speak of our conditioning as our operating system, USM taught me how to code so I could rewrite my programming. Prior to USM, I would’ve never imagined it was possible to be fully engaged in the world from a place of such inner peace and freedom.

For a beautiful view into Emilio’s journey of discovery, read his blog post on Thrive Global entitled I Wanted to be Enlightened, But I Got Something Far Better.

Spiritual Psychology: Ron & Mary on the Radio

Podcasts, radio shows, and conferences hosted by those from our amazing community abound! USM Grads seemingly find countless ways to share their growth, wisdom, and education as they continue communicating the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology in their worlds—in their words. 

Harnessing the Power of the Divine Feminine Energy
with Dr. Mary Hulnick

Mary recently had the great pleasure of speaking with USM Grad Julie Steelman on her podcast The Prosperous Feminine: Co-Creating a Thriving Planet Together. What divine timing during Women’s History Month to share the Blessings of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine qualities in each of us as so beautifully expressed in this conversation between Mary and Julie.

You can learn more about Julie and her work in the world on her website here


Maintaining supportive disciplines
is a demonstration of Self-Loving

During my time as a student at USM (2012 graduate), I developed a set of daily spiritual practices that have been essential to me living a life fulfilled.

When I first came to USM, I was experiencing unhealthy burnout from a high-stress sales job that I had been in for many years and was seeking a new career for myself because I didn’t think I could survive any longer in my current job. Through the process of the USM education and learning the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology, I experienced a whole new career with the job I already had—it was remarkable!

Kristy Villa

Applying the Principles daily and directly to the job I already had, my entire experience changed with how I related to my clients, colleagues, management team, and their high expectations. As a result, I was named the top salesperson in my division (at a large multinational company) and was awarded replenishing bonuses including international retreat vacations, and I continue to get nationally recognized and rewarded year after year.

Even more fun than that, however, is the peace and joy I experience within myself (the relief I was always looking for). Additionally, my numbers caught the attention of upper management and I was asked to share my keys for success with my sales colleagues at a national level! I continue to practice what I learned at USM and share it with everyone I possibly can, and many top level executives have expressed their sincere gratitude to me for what I’ve shared with my team over the years.

To this day, these daily practices help keep me centered, in my loving, and present to all 33 Principles and the tools to deal with every situation and experience. There is no greater act than to be Self-Loving, as it is from this place inside that we relate to and hold the world.

I am in deep appreciation for USM and the 33 Principles.

(Specifically, my daily practices are Yoga, Meditation, free-form writing, Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, Gratitude lists, mirror work with positive affirmations, inner child work, and reading spiritual, uplifting books.)

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