Spiritual Psychology Videos

What if instead of humans having Spiritual experiences, we are Souls having human experiences? Watch as Dr. Ron Hulnick shares about the Principles and Practices Spiritual Psychology and how living from this new paradigm can transform your inner and outer experience in everyday life.

In this University of Santa Monica video on Spiritual Psychology, Dr. Ron Hulnick addresses a new way to relate to fear that empowers us to rise above fear and enter a place of Loving.

Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick answer a question they’re often asked—”What is Spiritual Psychology?”

When Joe made a large six-figure loan to a friend who failed to repay him, he was forced to take a job he hated just to pay the bills. Even more painful than the financial loss was the anger and grief Joe felt over the sense of betrayal. In this video, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick of the University of Santa Monica expertly guide him toward resolution.

First Year USM student Ashley felt stuck in her job as a waitress. During this empowering sharing she musters the courage to envision and honor her true calling in life.

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