Natalie Yallouz

Three years ago, if you asked me if I was happy, I would have told you, “without a doubt in my mind.” In my eyes, I was the epitome of success. Gorgeous wife…check. Beautiful home…check. Six-figure, dream job…check. Two years ago, if you asked me if I was happy, I would have told you I forgot what happiness felt like. I was at a very pivotal moment in my life. I just divorced my wife, whom I was with for seven years, which subsequently resulted in us having to sell our beautiful home, and around that same time, I was laid off from the dream job.

After losing, what I perceived then, as the most important things in the world to me, I was forced to sit with myself, and that was one of the scariest, most uncomfortable places I’ve ever been. I felt lost. Through this dark time, I realized that almost all my life, I defined happiness by what I achieved in the physical world, and not by who I was and how I felt inside.

Fast forward to my journey at USM.

I enrolled in USM’s Soul-Centered Living Program with the intention to heal the broken pieces inside and ultimately, to truly love myself again without needing to rely on all these external factors that for so long made me feel worthy. I’ve now completed the 10-Month Program and can confidently say that USM has transformed my life. Its helped me release the judgements I placed on myself and my ex-wife for our failed marriage. It shined light on the lessons that came out of it and gave me tools to break old patterns, so that moving forward I can enter into a healthier, loving, relationship. It helped me let go of the misbelief that success is defined by a perfect marriage, a big house and a high-paying job.

Through this work, I’ve been able to forgive myself, let go of misbeliefs and most importantly, I can say, I truly love myself. I am worthy. I am deserving. I am happy. I am love.

The shifts, awarenesses and growth this program has provided me is truly the best gift I could have ever given myself. I’m so thankful for USM, Ron & Mary, my beautiful classmates and myself for my willingness to take the jump.

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