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Featured Student: Jaime

“You don’t just learn about healing. You actually heal! This is the first class I’ve ever taken where you actually do the work and you actually heal!”—Jaime Bronstein, ’18

Meet USM students and see how the empowering Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology will naturally enhance your ability to Co-Create Authentic Success in every area of your life—health, relationships, career, service, finances, etc.

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Hear From Graduates

Mark Cote
Composer, Soul-Centered Living ’18
“I work professionally in the entertainment industry as a composer and writer, and I have to say that over the course of this class year, seeing my growth and my creativity has been really exciting to me! […] I’ve w
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Kelly Farrell
“I’m a singing instructor, but really it’s about the inner work and helping my clients to find self-acceptance. In order to be able to do that for them, I had to find it for myself first through Soul-Centered Living
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Kim Garner
Executive, Soul-Centered Living ’16
“There are lots of courses you can take for a weekend and feel really good afterwards, but this work is magical because of the commitment of doing it over a long stretch of time. That’s how you’re able to truly grow
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Jaime Bronstein
Psychologist, Soul-Centered Living ’18
“You don’t just learn about healing. You actually heal! This is the first class I’ve ever taken where you actually do the work and you actually heal!”—Jaime Bronstein, SCL I ’18 [youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.
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Scott Bauman
Attorney, Soul-Centered Living '17
A man who was guided by reason, rationality, and science—a self-described skeptical man—awakens to his Authentic Self and a new plan for his life and service after his beloved wife passes away from cancer. He shares
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Jennifer Baughan
Psychologist, Soul-Centered Living '17
An experienced trauma psychologist who has traveled the world in service was in Bali, Indonesia recovering from a motorcycle accident and her own traumatic brain injury. She shares how the USM community—of which her
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Jamie Rene
Coach, Soul-Centered Living '17
“Looking back to before I started the Program, my life looked good on the outside. I had just gotten married, bought a home, and started a new coaching business. With wedding expenses, it didn’t seem like the
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Ravi Bhojwani
Executive, Soul-Centered Living '17
“Soul-Centered Living was the biggest gift I have ever given myself. It allowed me to dissolve some of the unwanted beliefs and misinterpretations I had picked up along the way, all leading to a more calm, focused,
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Natalie Yallouz
Communications, Soul-Centered Living '17
Three years ago, if you asked me if I was happy, I would have told you, “without a doubt in my mind.” In my eyes, I was the epitome of success. Gorgeous wife…check. Beautiful home…check. Six-figure, drea
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Dan Wilner
Writer & Director, Soul-Centered Living '17
“This changed my life. It enabled me to dissolve long-standing barriers to greater freedom, aliveness, and love. It provided me with an abundance of practical skills for living a richer, happier, more loving life. A
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Evelyn Werzowa
Filmmaker, Soul-Centered Living '17
“This Program blew open my mind and brought me into my heart, which is where we are all called to live from. If every school child, official, leader, and soul would take this Program, deep healing on our planet woul
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Mauricio Arnaud
Entrepreneur & Artist, Soul-Centered Living '17
“Since doing Soul-Centered Living, I have become a better person. My relationship with my wife is better than ever, and my relationship with my son evolved to a completely different level. It’s the course I wish my
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Kathleen Kernohan
Vocal Instructor, Soul-Centered Living '17
“This Program is the best thing I have ever done for myself! I have taken spirituality and psychology trainings before, but the combination of the two is magic. So is Mary’s incredible intuition and Ron’s profound k
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Jodi Harris
Actor, Soul-Centered Living '17
“I received the awareness that the love I was always looking for from outside sources was in me all along. Once I started to see my true authentic self, I felt free, relieved and loved!” – Jodi Harris
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Toni Nash
Executive, Soul-Centered Living '17
“A life–changing experience. I have a greater awareness and experience of knowing I am the presence of love. I am more fully present with myself and have a grounded sense of calm that I bring to the worl
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Rose Miller
Event Coordinator, Soul-Centered Living '17
“Such an amazing and safe place to learn, practice, heal, and grow! And I really loved connecting so deeply with class mates/soul mates; Just the organization of every break, meditation, time for sharing, etc. all f
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