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The Friday Minute

Beloved USM Grad and former Faculty member Carolyn Freyer-Jones was recently inspired to start a movement to honor all those whose lives have been effected by Covid-19.

Carolyn’s own father Hugh Freyer passed into Spirit on his 86th birthday on July 14 due to Covid-19. In discussion with her brother about how a national day of mourning would likely be established for people who died from the coronavirus pandemic some time in the future, they decided they did not want to wait for such a day.

Carolyn suggested to her brother, “Let’s not wait. Let’s not wait for a national day of mourning in the future when we all get a day off after hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, and homes, jobs and businesses are gone. Let’s create something now that can be shared with everyone, that people everywhere can do right now.”

And thus #theFridayMinute was born! 

The Friday Minute is an opportunity to take one minute of silence every Friday at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern (or at any other point in the day on Friday) to honor the lives lost and all those affected by Covid-19. The initiative has taken off and you can read a story about it on CNN.com here.  


Carolyn offers several ways in which we use this minute. She writes:

Use this minute to pray, if you pray.

Use this minute to reflect, if you reflect.


  • the families who lost someone this week to Covid, or to those who lost someone weeks or months ago
  • those struggling with new financial challenges they weren’t anticipating
  • those who have been diagnosed with Covid this week
  • all those people with Covid in ICUs or at home with Covid right now
  • leaders at all levels of government who are charged with making decisions and choices in service


This is about compassion and acknowledging the pain and hurting that’s happening now—today.

#thefridayminute is a way to remind ourselves that we are all connected regardless of situation or circumstance. My father is everyone’s father, or husband, or grandfather, or friend. Every loss could be our daughter or son, brother or sister—and every financial hardship could be (and is) our own, in our country that we call home. 

You can use the minute differently every week—to hold in silence for specific people or families or specific communities and situations that are being impacted by Covid‑19.

This minute does not replace other actions—meaning, if you are called to help someone specifically, or donate money to a food bank, or donate blood, or do anything for people who are challenged at this time, please take action. Anything else you are moved to do—voter registration or some other action in service to helping others, by all means, please do that. This minute is about all of us remembering we are all connected right now and people are in pain right now, and they will benefit from all of us coming together for one minute every Friday.

If you are willing, participate in #thefridayminute and share this with others everywhere!


We love you, Carolyn! The Staff and Faculty are honored to participate with you in #thefridayminute, and we encourage our community to share it broadly. Thank you for your commitment to living a Soul-Centered life and leading the way for so many!!



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