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As the evolutionary impulse on the planet continues to strengthen, USM continues answering the call through offering life-changing Programs that transform consciousness and transform lives. As you know, it is the nature of the Soul to Love and to Learn. As we grow in consciousness, we realize that successes on the Goal Line (while enjoyable) pale in comparison to the majesty and fulfillment experienced through the ongoing revelation of the Joy, Aliveness, and Beauty of the Authentic Self on the Soul Line.

As we deepen in our awareness, we realize (see with “real eyes”) that the experience of who we truly are—Divine, Loving Beings having a human experience—IS our Soul’s purpose. We come to a place where we value taking time to engage with others of a similar awareness in activities of an uplifting nature as a prime way of strengthening our connection to higher spiritual frequencies. For this reason, it can be extremely helpful to participate in a community that is focused on spiritual growth and upliftment. USM’s beloved volunteers are just such a community.

Every month, some 300 students will come to USM Online to further develop their awareness of Spirit through the transformational and life-affirming Programs here. This “coming together” of like-hearted Souls provides an unparalleled opportunity for graduate volunteers to support this work through Service. Some people think that Service primarily benefits those being served. What is less clearly understood is that Service most benefits those who are being of Service by giving unconditionally of themselves—for it is in Service that the Soul is nourished and grows. The higher we ascend in consciousness, the more our Souls wish to Serve.

We are deeply moved as we reflect upon all the blessings and all of you who have chosen to support USM, making the dream of a University offering Soul-Centered educational experiences a reality! We invite you to join us as one of the vital pillars of our community, providing the foundation of loving support so that USM students can continue receiving the blessings and benefits of a USM education. You’ll continue receiving the blessings and benefits as well.

By serving, you truly are making a difference—most important, to your Self.

View and download the 2021 Volunteer Flyer.

You may be wondering—what’s involved in the Online Classroom Volunteer Assistant roles, and what is the time commitment?

First and foremost, Volunteer Assistants are instrumental in acting as a Light battery for the Faculty, Students, and Staff in the Zoom Classroom—serving in varying support roles throughout the class weekend.

Online Volunteer Assistant Orientation & Training will be provided prior to the start of class.

Some examples of Online Volunteer Assistant roles are:

  • Zoom Host Assistant
  • Sound Assistant
  • Tech Support Assistant
  • Chat Monitor
  • Attendance Monitor
  • Light Room Monitors
  • Trio Partners
  • And more!


Weekend Program Schedules:

The 2021 SCL I and CHH Online Programs each consist of a two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) every month for nine months with an extended Lab or Retreat in the tenth month. Additionally, classes will meet one Tuesday evening per month throughout the Programs.

Volunteer Assistants are present in the Online Classroom from start to finish for all weekends, Tuesday evenings, and year-end Lab or Retreat. 

Please see the 2021 Soul-Centered Living I Online Program Schedule Here

Please see the 2021 Consciousness, Radiant Health & Healing Online Program Schedule Here

Requirements to serve as a volunteer in the Online Classroom include:

A Grateful Heart and a Willingness to serve
A commitment to lifelong learning
A comfort Level working in digital platforms
A private space for uninterrupted volunteer service
A strong & reliable internet connection
A reliable Laptop or Computer with working Camera, Audio, and Headphones
Graduate of the Program in which you are Assisting
A commitment to being fully present during all classes throughout the Program year
An openness to experiencing the Joy & Blessings of Service

View and download the 2021 Volunteer Flyer


Apply to Volunteer

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Resources Director at (310) 829-7402 or send an e-mail here.

“Being an Assistant online was far more rewarding than I had imagined it could be! It was such a Gift, Blessing, and Surprise to discover the depth of connection with the other Assistants, the level of Spiritual Focus, and the deep communion and recognition with All of the Students. It was so intensely Spirit-driven, intensely focused Work and Service, and soooo incredibly Fun!!! What an honor and a privilege it was to serve so wholeheartedly. The Assisting space was a microcosm of the safe Space created in the online Classroom to Shine in Authentic Self-Expression and Service!!! Assisting is such a Soulful and Heart‑filling opportunity!”

—John Chi, LM&SCL II ’19
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online Assistant, 2020

“I’ve loved assisting with the online format. There’s something truly magical about being able to support the class from the comfort of my home! It’s been an amazing way to learn and experience the transcendence of USM’s teachings—it doesn’t matter where we are, whether online or in person, the healing and learning are ever present. It’s also been a great opportunity to flex into new leadership skills and opportunities as we say ‘yes’ to what’s here and now.”

—Maggie Munts, LM&SCL II ’19
Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living II Online Assistant, 2020

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