Volunteer – Special Service Opportunities

Opportunities Abound!

In addition to serving as an Assistant, there are a number of additional service opportunities throughout the year. Each event offers its own unique experience, and we’d love to talk with you more about those that you are called to support.

Live Your Highest Vision!

The University continues to serve as a model of what can be manifested when committed, heart-centered, growth-oriented people come together accomplishing tasks with grace and ease, in partnership with Spirit, where loving, caring, and sharing are the order of the day. Serving at USM allows you to participate on the frontier of conscious teamwork and to serve as an example for those seeking to learn what you are living.

Additional Service Opportunities


  • SCL I Lab
  • CHH Lab
  • SCPC Lab

Special Teams

  • SCL I Holiday Luncheon support
  • CHH Holiday Luncheon Support
  • SCL I June Luncheon support
  • CHH June Luncheon support
  • SCPC June Luncheon support
  • LMSCL August Luncheon support


  • Singles Workshop (Volunteers must have previously participated in this Workshop.)
  • Couples Workshop (Volunteers must have previously participated in this Workshop.)
  • Advanced Spiritual Psychology Workshop
  • Loyalty to Your Soul® Workshop

In addition to the traditional service opportunities listed above, the University offers these opportunities for volunteering:

  • Assisting for new USM events, such as the complimentary Q & A events, Seminars and Workshops, Book Signing Events, and more.
  • Serving in the Online Department as Alpha/Beta Testing participants and Data Entry Angels.

To volunteer or get more information, please contact the Volunteer Resources Director at (310) 829-7402 or send an e-mail here.

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