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A Privilege and a Blessing!

“Being of service at USM is truly one of the greatest blessings in my life. I have found that I am most aware of who I really am, and the Love the we all are, when I am serving others. I am so grateful that I answered the call to serve at USM—doing so brings so much joy, fun, and Loving to my life!” – Stephanie Frisselle

A Conduit for Loving Energy

Assisting at USM is really training in “doing” from a place of “being.” By participating in the conscious energy of USM, you let Spirit know that you are willing to allow loving energy to flow through you in service to others who are choosing to walk along the path on which you have already walked. You also increase your ability to attune to and receive healing spiritual energy on a day-to-day basis in your own life.

When done with a sacred intention, Assisting is loving kindness and an attitude of gratitude in action. As an Assistant, you join the honored ranks of cherished servers of the University. To assist effectively requires the willingness to demonstrate a high level of inner attunement in the classroom, moving in harmony with what is going on and doing it from a place of inner stillness, clear intention, and loving focus.

Each year, more people step forward to serve as Assistants than there are spaces available. However, in addition to those selected to serve as Assistants for the academic year, there are additional service opportunities that are available on a part-time basis.

Benefits of Assisting

  • Attuning to and following the energy of Loving while carrying out assigned tasks.
  • Strengthening your ability to hold a service consciousness.
  • Uplifting and clearing yourself once a month by immersing yourself in the healing USM energy.
  • Learning how to be an effective team player—an asset in any environment.
  • Practicing and integrating your USM skills at deeper and deeper levels.
  • Witnessing powerful shifts in consciousness as Ron and Mary work with participants.
  • Staying current with all the latest information and inspiration coming through USM.
  • Expanding your capacity to hold spiritual energy—a foundational life skill.

Requirements to serve as a volunteer in the Online Classroom include:

  • A Loving Service Consciousness
  • Willingness, Openness, and Flexibility
  • A comfort Level working in digital platforms
  • An aptitude for adopting new technologies
  • A private space for uninterrupted volunteer service
  • A strong & reliable internet connection
  • A reliable Laptop or Computer with working Camera, Audio, and Headphones

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