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My First Time Volunteering at USM—Rena Garland

August 24, 2017

Dear Mary-Kate,

I’m writing to thank you, the USM Faculty, and the USM Staff for such a beautiful weekend of service and transformation volunteering at the Loyalty to Your Soul Workshop. My heart is so full from the experience.

As a first-time volunteer, I had felt called to serve the University, but I had no idea the level of gratitude and purpose I would feel from doing so. It felt magical to give back to my teachers and the school, both of which have given me so much. And it was deeply meaningful to usher in a new set of students and watch them begin to awaken, as well as help former students in the workshop reach new levels of awakening and understanding. By embracing a Service Consciousness throughout the weekend, my ego took a backseat and it was wonderful to approach the workshop with the single-minded purpose of serving. It brought about a new level of mastery for me.

I also loved being part of the assisting team; the way we all worked together seamlessly was such a joy. I felt impeccably supported throughout—from the amazing Volunteer Handbook, which emanated love, to the intention circles each day and the clearings each night, as well as the intention-setting circle and dinner on Friday night. The thoughtfulness the University has put into its volunteer/assisting program is amazing.

You provided wonderful Heart-Centered Leadership throughout the weekend. Thank you for all that you did to support me and the other assistants.

With deep gratitude,

Rena Garland

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