33 Principles of Spiritual Psychology

These Principles are truly the foundation of Soul-Centered Education. Over the last 35 years, Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick have shared these Principles to illuminate the nature of the Spiritual Reality within which we live. They serve to help us understand who we truly are, and to move us into the revelation of our spiritual nature. 

If you’re a graduate of one of USM’s Programs, you’ve likely woven several of these Principles into your daily life. Let us know how they’ve served you, how theyre particularly useful during these times, and if you have one that you return to again and again or that surprises you in how its become a part of your Way of Being and Way of Life. 

Wed love to hear from you!  (The Principles are all listed below.)

33 Principles
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The 33 Principles of Spiritual Psychology:

  1. God is everything in existence both seen and unseen.
  2. The nature of God is Love.
  3. Since we are all a part of God, our essential nature also is Love—and we have the opportunity of knowing our Loving nature experientially, Here and Now.
  4. We are not human beings with Souls; we are Souls using a human experience for the purpose of Awakening.
  5. Earth functions as a school for Spiritual Awakening, meaning Conscious Awareness of Principles #2 and #3 (above). Everyone registers for their specific Curriculum.
  6. Physical-world reality exists for the purpose of Spiritual Awakening; thus, all of life is for learning and growing spiritually.
  1. Graduation is based upon mastering your lessons resulting in Wisdom and Compassion.
  2. Everyone has the potential, resources, and destiny to graduate. There is no failure—only repeated opportunity.
  3. Everyone will graduate. The only real variable is time and the only real time is Now.
  4. Your primary goal is not to change the school; your primary goal is to graduate.
  5. Awakening is a process, not an event.
  6. Awakening can be accelerated by learning and implementing the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology.
  1. Your Spiritual Curriculum consists of unresolved issues as well as opportunities for Service, sharing your gifts, and living into your Heartfelt dreams.
  2. An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs your Peace.
  3. Unresolved issues are not bad; they’re simply part of your Spiritual Curriculum.
  4. Unresolved issues are blessings, as they are opportunities for Healing and Awakening.
  5. Accepting personal responsibility for your Spiritual Curriculum is empowering and opens the door to Freedom.
  6. Nothing outside of you causes your disturbances.
  1. All “becauses,” i.e., anything that disturbs your peace, are, in Reality, triggers to unresolved issues that are part of your Spiritual Curriculum, providing an opportunity for true Healing.
  2. Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality.
  3. Personal internal reality is subjective. Therefore, what you believe determines your experience.
  4. Experiences you judge, you attract. They tend to proliferate, repeat, and multiply.
  5. You create your future by how you respond to experiences now.
  1. There are no mistakes—only opportunities for Learning, Healing, and Awakening unto Love.
  2. How you relate to an issue is the issue, or how you relate with yourself while you go through an issue is the issue.
  3. Healing is the application of Loving to the places inside that hurt or suffer, or Healing is the “Flooding with Loving” all the places inside that hurt or suffer—thereby dissolving them.
  4. In your Universe, your word is your law; thus, the power of intention.
  5. The mind is a tool to be used in service to the Heart.
  1. Maintaining supportive disciplines is a demonstration of Self-Loving.
  2. Intimacy is a natural and automatic by-product of honest, caring Self-expression.
  3. Judgment is self-condemnation; Self-Forgiveness is Healing; and Compassion, Acceptance, Peace, and Joy naturally follow.
  4. Loving, Healing, Awakening, and Evolving are all the same process whereby you experience deeper and deeper Awareness of your Essential Nature we refer to as your Authentic Self—already fully present and characterized by Unconditional Loving, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Creativity, Compassion, Happiness, etc.
  5. A life lived in Acceptance is a life devoid of unnecessary emotional suffering. It’s a life filled with Love.

These shares are amazing

Donna Bond
—Principle 11—

Donna Bond

Awakening is a process, not an event.

Having been a seeker since the age of 12, I am aware that as long as I am in this human body, my journey never really ends. I am always growing, changing, evolving, learning and expanding. #11 is a permission slip for me in a way that says, “I don’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to “get it all” right now. This journey of awareness is a gradual unfolding—like the blossoming of a flower into a fruit—that happens with a beautiful, natural, divinely orchestrated timing which is really perfect for my unique and individual journey. I become consciously aware of what I need to be aware of at the precise time that is perfect for my learning journey. There is no “destination” to arrive to. The journey itself is the destination.

What a welcomed opportunity it is to reflect on Spiritual Curriculum as described in the 13th Principle of Spiritual Psychology. I remember, years ago, the following words were spoken through me while talking with another USM student. At the time, I thought these words were meant for her, but it became abundantly clear that they were also meant for me. I needed to hear them just as much (if not more) than she did. Here they are… “Nothing falls outside of the Sacred.”

The 13th Principle of Spiritual Psychology states:
“Your Spiritual Curriculum consists of unresolved issues as well as opportunities for Service, sharing your gifts, and living into your Heartfelt dreams.”

It’s all Spiritual Curriculum. It all serves Spiritual Purpose. Every part and particle of our existence, spanning from our upsets to our heartfelt dreams, is customized for our highest growth and learning. All of our experiences fall within the realm of the Sacred.

But why? Why is this Earth School and our individual curriculum so Sacred?

Ron & Mary answer that question so beautifully and so precisely with these words, “The essence of Soul-Centered living is Awakening into the Awareness of who we truly are and living our lives from within that Awakened state.” That’s the point and purpose of all that happens here. That’s what this Sacred Earth School was designed to facilitate. It’s also the essence of Soul-Centered mastery, the embodiment of the highest of human competencies… to know ourselves as the Presence of Love and to live through and from that Sacred state.

Lori Richards
—Principle 13—

Lori Richards

Your Spiritual Curriculum consists of unresolved issues as well as opportunities for Service, sharing your gifts, and living into your Heartfelt dreams.

Eliza Swords
—Principle 20—

Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality.

“While obviously I love each and every one of USM’s 33 Principles, this one has been serving me miracle healings on the daily. When I get triggered (which lately is a LOT) or find myself in judgment, this Principle reminds me to ask myself—What’s going on inside me that might need attention? Where inside me needs a healthy dose of loving applied to it? Where is there an opportunity to practice Self-Forgiveness and come into greater Acceptance and Cooperation in my life? Also, when I’m inspired or energized beyond belief by what’s going on outside of myself, it’s a great moment to ask—Wow, what quality of that incredible thing lives inside of me?! And are there any next actions I feel called to take? Even if that action is to put it on a someday/maybe list, it is AS important, if not more, to acknowledge and grow from positive projections as it is negative ones. I guess that’s what this Principle is really about for me. It reminds me of this gem spoken by the one and only Dr. Mary R. Hulnick, ‘It’s all about projection anyway. It’s an inkblot world.’”

Tracy Poff
—Principle 1—

“I loved this invitation to review the Principles… I felt nourished simply in the re-reading of them! Thank you.
For me, hands-down, my go-to as a way of being is the remembrance and reverent acknowledgement that ‘God is everything in existence both seen and unseen.’

The following poem came forward when I attuned to that Principle and the current Covid-related state of affairs:

God is this virus.
God is the reaction.
God is the helping hand, God is the knowing nod.

God is the chaos, God is the topsy turvy
God is the peace, God is the solution.

God is your perspective, God is mine.
God is the strife of unreconciled differences
God is the balm, God is the path forward

God is the container for all
God is the action within
God is everything in existence, both seen and unseen.”

Brandon Ross
—Principles 14–18—

“I find myself working with principles 14–18 quite A LOT these days!
“The social and political events of the last four months have surfaced deep issues that, I must admit, I hadn’t been aware of the extent/depth of their presence. At the same time, my ability to work with myself had ‘matured’ without my realizing it. That’s a direct benefit of my USM education, for which I am truly grateful.”


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